lartiste painting

L’Artiste is wondering why the garden is teeming with Dedes looking for their Dopplegängers. Loudmouth started the craze, accidentially I might add. Then Monkey went out there. Cash Cow and Push Push the elephant have tried their luck in the garden as well, and who knows who else. I haven’t checked lately but I can tell you it’s like being at a fun fair out there. L’Artiste stayed put in his quiet corner of the studio and shook his head in disbelieve, muttering “why would I bother? I know I am unique!”

Note from the artist behind the scenes: Now I have a confession to make. On Instagram the Dedes tell a totally different story. Similar pictures though. On Instagram Loudmouth met her ‘role model’, rather than her Dopplegänger. And here L’Artiste asks “why would I need a role model? I am the role model!” Different realities, eh. I try to keep everything in sync, but is is worthwhile to check out Instagram, there is also some additional footage. So if you are on it anyway, you might want have a looksie.