Rob D Light is looking for a job and has been for quite some time. Though he has heaps of skills, he has mainly been working for himself so he doesn’t have a long CV. His first approach was to simply be nice to people and volunteer his help, like offering to carry the shopping to the kitchen. For some reason people are reluctant to accept his help and hold on tight to their bags. Then yesterday, Rob drew up a sign to show on Instagram. No one came forward to offer him a position. It seems the viewers don’t take him seriously, or they get the wrong impression. It doesn’t help that he has a serious health issue. He can’t work on building sites because he has a severe dust allergy (that’s why he always wears his handkerchief).

When he crawled under his blanket of newspaper last night without getting a single offer he was quite depressed. He was so worried he couldn’t close his eyes at all.

Does anyone have any ideas?

no chance