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Today is a big day for the new Dede @moss.creek and I have developed together. Moss.Creek, whose real name is Sheila, had won a referral competition. Her prize was that an image of her was turned into a puppet. In the little film, the puppet was preparing to meet the rest of the crew for the first time with her skin on. As you certainly all know, it is not easy to be the new kid on the block. Nervously, she has been practising her maiden speech all morning. The text was written by Sheila and it was the foundation from which the puppet was developed. It was a novelty for me to create a puppet in a long distance collaboration. However, Tony from xraypics, will certainly recognise the approach to the new puppet’s maiden speech. I used a tts program, as I personally have a very strong German accent, that would have set the wrong tone for the puppet :). I first used a tts with the puppets when we did a Dada Jill and Jack film, for which Tony kindly provided the text.


When Pinkpok (as the puppet was christened by Sheila)  finally met all the other Dedes, she had forgotten the words she practised so conscientiously and she had to wing it. This is what she said in the end: “Darkness and the discomforts of reality will always be the most important things to face. Within this darkness we will find the true nature of how things are and find the strength to let our light shine forth.” What wise words. Ah well she is an owl. Thanks @moss.creek for the great words of wisdom. It was really fun to create Pinkpok by email! Personally I think she is rather cute, but very difficult to photograph. We hardly know her, but we already love her. Pity that she will have to leave soon. I offered Sheila jokingly she could have Top Dog and I would keep Pinkpok. But no, her response was Top Tog could go into a dog pound. She has big plans for Pinkpok and even is working on a dress for her already. And she promised, we will get letters from time to time.


Esta Blished said they should talk to the followers of Top Dog. Luckily Alien is a friendly chap and curious by nature, so he went straight to work and made a list of Dedes he has to talk to. First up was Mr Vague. He looks a little bit like a bear and Alien thought he might find some more clues from him. He ask outright, “why are you following Top Dog?”

Mr Vague hung his head and admitted “I find life very confusing and I am intimidated by all this information that is thrown at me. I have to make decisions here, there and everywhere, when all I want is to be left in peace. It is simply too much. Someone who knows better has to tell me what’s good or bad.”

Alien just listened and took notes, but reserved judgement.

The next one on the list was Bossman. But gee did he get a different reception here.


Bossman is struggling to keep his business afloat.

“Expletive, I expletive don’t expletive talk expletive to expletive aliens” he screamed. Alien didn’t understand what he said as there were too many filler words, but he got the message. He turned round quickly, and with a big smile and shaking knees he said: “you don’t expect me to take you seriously, do you?”



“The narcissist is not going to change. Unfortunately @francisvalela is right there,” said Devil’s Advocate to Bad Conscience.  “To be honest, from Top Dog’s point of view there is no problem. With his promises he is the successful saviour of the world. We have to face it, it is us who have the problem! Those who believe him, certainly don’t want to hear from us they are mislead. No-one wants to be told they are wrong! What are we going to do?”



“Here is one fellow who helped me become more understanding about others” said the Benevolent King and shoved Bad Conscience forward. In the old days, the King had huge problems with his subordinates, but nowadays he is loved by everyone. Well, it is easy to love him… He has no power at all and is a mere figurehead.

Bad Conscience really helped me to reflect on what I was doing” he continued. “Maybe we should send him to Top Dog. He might be able to help him too!” He obviously remembers the time when he was imprisoned vividly. He is so grateful there is no death penaltiy in Dedeland. If there was, he wouldn’t be standing here today. He still might be loved by everyone, though, more in a martyr kind of way rather than a truly refined one.


Bad Conscience always looks a little down and introverted, but he has his uses at times. “Give me half a chance and I will latch onto you… That is how it usually works” he explained. Of course he believes he is a nice fellow. He doesn’t speak much but enjoys to go over the old stories  again and again. Truth be told, most Dedes dislike like him, as he extremely difficult to shift.

“But believe me” he said frustrated “I’ve tried the likes of Top Dog before, they are immune!”


The Dedes started a new feature called Truth Tuesday. And today is the first one. They had the idea, as they occasionally get questions that are not related to the storyline. If we get questions, they will be answered on Tuesdays from now on. We are quite happy to do a shoutout for the person who asks. If you don’t want to be mentioned, please note this in your comment. Of course the questions should be in the Dede spirit and we reserve the right not to answer. With that sorted, we actually got a question last Sunday. A follower from Turkey asked “How many persons are you?”
Well, I am one person and there are sixty-five Dedes at the last count. As far as I am aware, I am reasonably sane and do not have multiple personalities. 😉


Meanwhile, Norman T Newbie isn’t particularly interested in what the readers ask, he wanted to know,  why is everyone so upset about Top Dog. He seriously believes that it would be fantastic, if he came into power and explained:  “For us it would definitely mean a brighter future. Usually puppets have a resurgence, when freedom of speech is curtailed!”

Scardy Pants who was within earshot said “I’d rather not test that one out.”


Yesterday, the Dedes had a break and did a bit of house-keeping. They announced the winner of the latest Instagram contest and also decided to start a new feature called Truth Tuesday. Readers can ask questions and on Tuesday, the Dedes will answer as honest as possible. Apart from this, nothing happend on the weekend. Unfortunately, as soon as there is a bit of a lull, Top Dog rears his ugly little head.

“C’mon guys” he said right after breakfast today, “you must see everything is terribly wrong in Dedeland.” And then he ranted on that the administration is run by a busybody rodent (Mouse). He even doubts that she has a work permit. He also pointed out that we have some unemployed puppets and looked disdainfully at Rob D Light, who was still sleeping under his blanket of newspapers. “And to top it all off” he said concluding his monologue, “the artist wants to make new Dedes. What shall we do with this influx? Tell me, what has this world come to?”

Everybody looked a bit sheepish, but no one said anything. It seems fatigue is starting to set in.


Nobody said anything, except for the new puppet Norman T Newbie. He was clapping his hands wildly and shouted excitedly “Well done my hero. No, we don’t want to have new Dedes!”

Of course Top Dog enjoyed the admiration. “I could go on and on” he said. “Truth Tuesday, struth, what’s that all about? No one wants to know the truth! It is far to complicated. Quick and easy solutions are the fashion of the day. Black and white! Who needs grey?”


Now everybody knows that L’Artiste is secretly in love with Cash Cow, he thought the best approach would be to find out what exactly happened.

“What I don’t understand,” he said to Cash Cow when they met, “is why didn’t you tell me I offended you. No, you didn’t bat an eyelid and just put me into place. Remember you said I shouldn’t be melodramatic.”

“That only shows that I am a professional!” answered Cash Cow proudly.

“And then you went and told everyone else that I offended you. Is that professional too?”


Finally L’Artiste’s started to see the cow in a different light and walked away wondering how he ever fell for her.

“Did you really think you could attract Cash Cow with what you’ve said?” asked Mouse.

“I am so over it! Let her go and join Top Dog, if she must,” said L’Artiste resigned.

“No way,” replied Mouse forcefully. “He will throw us to her to fatten her up. Then he will kill her anyway and have a feast with all his chums.”

“But cows are vegetarians and we are not vegetables!” objected L’Artiste.

“You and I know that,” said Mouse, “but does Top Dog know?”



L’Artiste was flabbergasted when an angry mob of Dedes showed up at the studio door.He had no idea what grief his flippant comment caused the other day.

“What have I done?” he asked truly surprised.

“You intimidated Cash Cow!” said Bobby, the policeman.

“Stop here,” said L’Artiste, “what happened to irony?”

“What about irony?” asked the policeman suspiciously and stop for a second, “have you killed her too?”


Now poor L’Artiste had to come clean. “You got it all wrong guys” a very embarrassed artist admitted, “I love that cow.”

Then he showed them his diary. Here he calls his object of desire “Katching Moo.” Not a very imaginative or particlarly well discuised pet name. It is a combination between the sound of a cash register and the word catching. And Moo of course identifies the cow.

The book was full of little hearts and stories. A silent witness to his hopes that one day she will answer his prayers and be his. Honestly, look at the image of them together! You can see the love, can’t you? It is definitely Cash Cow who plays hard to get! She could have any artist if only she wanted.



We know now, Magician feels he is incapable of doing a magic trick for the Dedes. But wait, there are a few puppets that should be able to help. Esta Blished, the fairy godmother for example, should have magical powers too. Unfortunately it is a well-known fact that she has Alzheimers so she is away with the fairies most of the time. Every so often though she is totally lucid and such a moment just happened. She went to L’Artiste and said, “you know I have misplaced my book of spells, but artists can create magic too, can’t they?”

True, L’Artiste creates magic, but mainly for himself, when he is in the zone of making things. However, it is not the kind of magic, the Dedes are looking for. Remember, they need magic to make Top Dog disappear.


So, L’Artiste went to see Cash Cow. (These two are indeed very difficult to picture together).

“I try so hard” said L’Artiste frustratedly, “but my magic can’t solve the problems of the world.” Then he hugged the old cow to lessen the impact of what he was about to say next. “Personally, I think the only hope for the world is to slaughter you.”

Cash Cow, who always looks like she is hard done by, wasn’t the least surprised. Obviously it wasn’t the first time that she heard this suggestion and she replied firmly “why do artists always have to be so melodramatic! Just concentrate on your work and leave me alone. If you are good you might make an impact one day!”


Monkey, who doesn’t particularly like the cool-headed, long-haul approach of Court Jester, thought he would ask Magician if he could do a bit of magic. That would be a quick fix, wouldn’t it? In the good old days, when everything ran smoothly, Magician was always boasting about his achievements. He could do this, that and the other thing, and much better than everyone else. But today he was in a hurry.

“No time at the moment” called Magician out to Monkey and ran the other way. “I have to hunt the Pokemons.”


“No, no, you can’t do this to us,” said Monkey and quickly stepped into Magician’s path. “You have to help us stop Top Dog,” he begged. But Magician broke down and cried. “I simply can’t face the truth,” he sobbed, covering his face to hide his embarrassment. “I can’t do it! There is no magic! It’s all an illusion.”

Monkey was bitterly disappointed “and what about the Pokemons?”