Now everybody knows that L’Artiste is secretly in love with Cash Cow, he thought the best approach would be to find out what exactly happened.

“What I don’t understand,” he said to Cash Cow when they met, “is why didn’t you tell me I offended you. No, you didn’t bat an eyelid and just put me into place. Remember you said I shouldn’t be melodramatic.”

“That only shows that I am a professional!” answered Cash Cow proudly.

“And then you went and told everyone else that I offended you. Is that professional too?”


Finally L’Artiste’s started to see the cow in a different light and walked away wondering how he ever fell for her.

“Did you really think you could attract Cash Cow with what you’ve said?” asked Mouse.

“I am so over it! Let her go and join Top Dog, if she must,” said L’Artiste resigned.

“No way,” replied Mouse forcefully. “He will throw us to her to fatten her up. Then he will kill her anyway and have a feast with all his chums.”

“But cows are vegetarians and we are not vegetables!” objected L’Artiste.

“You and I know that,” said Mouse, “but does Top Dog know?”