L’Artiste was flabbergasted when an angry mob of Dedes showed up at the studio door.He had no idea what grief his flippant comment caused the other day.

“What have I done?” he asked truly surprised.

“You intimidated Cash Cow!” said Bobby, the policeman.

“Stop here,” said L’Artiste, “what happened to irony?”

“What about irony?” asked the policeman suspiciously and stop for a second, “have you killed her too?”


Now poor L’Artiste had to come clean. “You got it all wrong guys” a very embarrassed artist admitted, “I love that cow.”

Then he showed them his diary. Here he calls his object of desire “Katching Moo.” Not a very imaginative or particlarly well discuised pet name. It is a combination between the sound of a cash register and the word catching. And Moo of course identifies the cow.

The book was full of little hearts and stories. A silent witness to his hopes that one day she will answer his prayers and be his. Honestly, look at the image of them together! You can see the love, can’t you? It is definitely Cash Cow who plays hard to get! She could have any artist if only she wanted.