Yesterday, the Dedes had a break and did a bit of house-keeping. They announced the winner of the latest Instagram contest and also decided to start a new feature called Truth Tuesday. Readers can ask questions and on Tuesday, the Dedes will answer as honest as possible. Apart from this, nothing happend on the weekend. Unfortunately, as soon as there is a bit of a lull, Top Dog rears his ugly little head.

“C’mon guys” he said right after breakfast today, “you must see everything is terribly wrong in Dedeland.” And then he ranted on that the administration is run by a busybody rodent (Mouse). He even doubts that she has a work permit. He also pointed out that we have some unemployed puppets and looked disdainfully at Rob D Light, who was still sleeping under his blanket of newspapers. “And to top it all off” he said concluding his monologue, “the artist wants to make new Dedes. What shall we do with this influx? Tell me, what has this world come to?”

Everybody looked a bit sheepish, but no one said anything. It seems fatigue is starting to set in.


Nobody said anything, except for the new puppet Norman T Newbie. He was clapping his hands wildly and shouted excitedly “Well done my hero. No, we don’t want to have new Dedes!”

Of course Top Dog enjoyed the admiration. “I could go on and on” he said. “Truth Tuesday, struth, what’s that all about? No one wants to know the truth! It is far to complicated. Quick and easy solutions are the fashion of the day. Black and white! Who needs grey?”