The Dedes started a new feature called Truth Tuesday. And today is the first one. They had the idea, as they occasionally get questions that are not related to the storyline. If we get questions, they will be answered on Tuesdays from now on. We are quite happy to do a shoutout for the person who asks. If you don’t want to be mentioned, please note this in your comment. Of course the questions should be in the Dede spirit and we reserve the right not to answer. With that sorted, we actually got a question last Sunday. A follower from Turkey asked “How many persons are you?”
Well, I am one person and there are sixty-five Dedes at the last count. As far as I am aware, I am reasonably sane and do not have multiple personalities. 😉


Meanwhile, Norman T Newbie isn’t particularly interested in what the readers ask, he wanted to know,  why is everyone so upset about Top Dog. He seriously believes that it would be fantastic, if he came into power and explained:  “For us it would definitely mean a brighter future. Usually puppets have a resurgence, when freedom of speech is curtailed!”

Scardy Pants who was within earshot said “I’d rather not test that one out.”