“Here is one fellow who helped me become more understanding about others” said the Benevolent King and shoved Bad Conscience forward. In the old days, the King had huge problems with his subordinates, but nowadays he is loved by everyone. Well, it is easy to love him… He has no power at all and is a mere figurehead.

Bad Conscience really helped me to reflect on what I was doing” he continued. “Maybe we should send him to Top Dog. He might be able to help him too!” He obviously remembers the time when he was imprisoned vividly. He is so grateful there is no death penaltiy in Dedeland. If there was, he wouldn’t be standing here today. He still might be loved by everyone, though, more in a martyr kind of way rather than a truly refined one.


Bad Conscience always looks a little down and introverted, but he has his uses at times. “Give me half a chance and I will latch onto you… That is how it usually works” he explained. Of course he believes he is a nice fellow. He doesn’t speak much but enjoys to go over the old stories  again and again. Truth be told, most Dedes dislike like him, as he extremely difficult to shift.

“But believe me” he said frustrated “I’ve tried the likes of Top Dog before, they are immune!”