We know now, Magician feels he is incapable of doing a magic trick for the Dedes. But wait, there are a few puppets that should be able to help. Esta Blished, the fairy godmother for example, should have magical powers too. Unfortunately it is a well-known fact that she has Alzheimers so she is away with the fairies most of the time. Every so often though she is totally lucid and such a moment just happened. She went to L’Artiste and said, “you know I have misplaced my book of spells, but artists can create magic too, can’t they?”

True, L’Artiste creates magic, but mainly for himself, when he is in the zone of making things. However, it is not the kind of magic, the Dedes are looking for. Remember, they need magic to make Top Dog disappear.


So, L’Artiste went to see Cash Cow. (These two are indeed very difficult to picture together).

“I try so hard” said L’Artiste frustratedly, “but my magic can’t solve the problems of the world.” Then he hugged the old cow to lessen the impact of what he was about to say next. “Personally, I think the only hope for the world is to slaughter you.”

Cash Cow, who always looks like she is hard done by, wasn’t the least surprised. Obviously it wasn’t the first time that she heard this suggestion and she replied firmly “why do artists always have to be so melodramatic! Just concentrate on your work and leave me alone. If you are good you might make an impact one day!”