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Now everybody knows that L’Artiste is secretly in love with Cash Cow, he thought the best approach would be to find out what exactly happened.

“What I don’t understand,” he said to Cash Cow when they met, “is why didn’t you tell me I offended you. No, you didn’t bat an eyelid and just put me into place. Remember you said I shouldn’t be melodramatic.”

“That only shows that I am a professional!” answered Cash Cow proudly.

“And then you went and told everyone else that I offended you. Is that professional too?”


Finally L’Artiste’s started to see the cow in a different light and walked away wondering how he ever fell for her.

“Did you really think you could attract Cash Cow with what you’ve said?” asked Mouse.

“I am so over it! Let her go and join Top Dog, if she must,” said L’Artiste resigned.

“No way,” replied Mouse forcefully. “He will throw us to her to fatten her up. Then he will kill her anyway and have a feast with all his chums.”

“But cows are vegetarians and we are not vegetables!” objected L’Artiste.

“You and I know that,” said Mouse, “but does Top Dog know?”



L’Artiste was flabbergasted when an angry mob of Dedes showed up at the studio door.He had no idea what grief his flippant comment caused the other day.

“What have I done?” he asked truly surprised.

“You intimidated Cash Cow!” said Bobby, the policeman.

“Stop here,” said L’Artiste, “what happened to irony?”

“What about irony?” asked the policeman suspiciously and stop for a second, “have you killed her too?”


Now poor L’Artiste had to come clean. “You got it all wrong guys” a very embarrassed artist admitted, “I love that cow.”

Then he showed them his diary. Here he calls his object of desire “Katching Moo.” Not a very imaginative or particlarly well discuised pet name. It is a combination between the sound of a cash register and the word catching. And Moo of course identifies the cow.

The book was full of little hearts and stories. A silent witness to his hopes that one day she will answer his prayers and be his. Honestly, look at the image of them together! You can see the love, can’t you? It is definitely Cash Cow who plays hard to get! She could have any artist if only she wanted.



Monkey, who doesn’t particularly like the cool-headed, long-haul approach of Court Jester, thought he would ask Magician if he could do a bit of magic. That would be a quick fix, wouldn’t it? In the good old days, when everything ran smoothly, Magician was always boasting about his achievements. He could do this, that and the other thing, and much better than everyone else. But today he was in a hurry.

“No time at the moment” called Magician out to Monkey and ran the other way. “I have to hunt the Pokemons.”


“No, no, you can’t do this to us,” said Monkey and quickly stepped into Magician’s path. “You have to help us stop Top Dog,” he begged. But Magician broke down and cried. “I simply can’t face the truth,” he sobbed, covering his face to hide his embarrassment. “I can’t do it! There is no magic! It’s all an illusion.”

Monkey was bitterly disappointed “and what about the Pokemons?”


Monkey, who is very worried because he belongs to a minority everyone laughs about, went to see Court Jester. He was upset and asked “Why didn’t you say outright they shouldn’t vote for that idiot?” 

“It is against the Jesters’ code of honour. Jesters don’t tell anyone what to do, instead they try to open your eyes.”

“But you know exactly where we are heading if this idiot comes to power.”

“There is only one thing I know exactly” said Court Jester now, “if you call someone an idiot, he is no longer prepared to listen. Believe you me, my profession has hundreds of years of experience. Being confrontational doesn’t get us anywhere. We have to remove the heat and approach the situation with a cooler head.”

Then he gave Monkey a big hug and said: “Trust me.”


Court Jester went to discuss the result of yesterday’s questionnaire with the benevolent King. Turns out only three Dedes considered themselves weird. Strangely enough Top Dog wasn’t one of them. But fifty Dedes thought the others were weird. That was exactly the point Court Jester wanted to make: the weird ones are always the others! And herein lies the problem according to the jester.
Unfortunately, this morning the Dedes were also told that the majority of readers reckoned they were indeed weird. Though in the sense of wonderfully different and excitingly strange. They valued their weirdness as a positive attribute.  You should have seen the upheaval that revelation caused. Now they all wanted to do the questionnaire again. And this time, all of them ticked yes for the first question. Weird, indeed!


“You are so right,” said Nosy Neighbour to Mr Vague, who was totally taken aback by Mouses response yesterday. Mr Vague is very intimidated by Rob who is simply hanging around. “We don’t want to be confronted with these jobless ones. You and I are good citizens. You sit on the fence and I watch from behind the curtain. We don’t harm anyone!”

Mr Vague felt understood and said, “yeah, when Top Dog is in power all these do-no-good Dedes have to go. Then we won’t have to look at them anymore.”


“Actually,” said Ms Sm, who lives opposite Nosy Neighbour, “I feel very intimidated because you watch my every move from behind your curtains.” She thought she could be open because – remember – only recently Nosy Neighbour had been prepared to pose with her for the “Embrace Diversity” project.

Now he had a different tack. “In the privacy of my home I have the right to do whatever I want,” he said.

“So do I,” replied Ms Sm.

“But I have to watch you so you don’t do any evil” Nosy Neighbour said now.

“For all I know, you could be evil,” countered Ms Sm.

“Don’t be absurd!”


Rob D Light had been thinking long and hard and came to the conclusion he should apply for the job Sunny turned down the other day. So he went and saw Norman T Newbie III, clutching his CV he had been labouring over for a long time. Norman didn’t even look at the paperwork. He just laughed heartily. “We don’t want Dedes like you. Wait until we come to power. We know what to do with the likes of you.”

Rob felt very ashamed, quickly gathered his things and left. Norman T Newbie III was still laughing as if it was a brilliant joke. Little did Rob know that Norman actually doesn’t have the authority to hire anyone.


When he paused at the next street corner, Mouse passed by and saw Rob D Light was all depressed. She felt so sorry for him and instinctively gave him all her small change.

“What are you doing?” asked Mr Vague appalled. “You know he is going to the next bottle store now to buy some booze.”

Mouse wasn’t fazed at all. “He might,” she said “and so does my colleague and half the population when they get their wages.”




I knew I was in trouble, when I opened my eyes and Devil and Mouse were sitting on my legs, so I couldn’t run away. Devil, glowing with anger, said “now, admit it this campaign is a flop! We wanted to increase our readership, and yes, we thought giving away a Dede was a good idea. Instead we lost quite a few followers!” And Mouse added “it is your fault because you want to turn a reader into a puppet! Who wants to be a puppet?” I didn’t see it quite that bad. Yes, we lost a few followers, but we also had some people who referered us to their friends and some very positive comments. Don’t forget I had just woken up, so I asked “What shall I do, shall I give up then?”

“Don’t be such a sensitive artist! But what on earth were you thinking!” Devil rolled his eyes. “I simply thought this would be a fun artistic collaboration project with one of our fans!” I replied. “Still,” said Devil, “make sure the followers know they will get a Dede, but if they don’t want it modelled on them, it won’t be.” “No problem” I said and this seemed to calm them down.

But they weren’t the only disgruntled Dedes this morning. The puppets that were lined up for the “Embrace Diversity” Project yesterday were unhappy too. They had gone to the studio and then their photo wasn’t used.


At least the green one, Nosy Neighbour, was very vocal about it. He so would love to know what’s up with Ms Sm. He watches her from behind the curtain, but has no idea what is going on. So he happily agreed to pose with her. Ms Sm was much more reluctant to be on show. Though she totally agrees with the “Embrace Diversity” idea, she does not want to put herself on the line. She has had too many bad experiences. Gee was she relieved when she was saved by the milestone in the last minute. She happily keeps her secret to herself.


And then last but not least, Top Dog took advantage of the current befuddled mood amongst the Dedes and continued to present himself as a victim to gain power. He finally dug out this old picture that proves the artist tried to muzzle him. Be careful, he keeps a file on everyone. In these files he documents all the mistreatments he had to endure. Perceived mistreatments, I should say, but here he disagrees again!


These two Dedes should be commended for taking part in the “Embrace Diversity” project. The difference between Rob D Light and Bobby, the policeman poses an insurmountable dilemma, doesn’t it? But there is a real story in here and to be honest, they really would deserve a longer post.


Hands up who thought Rob D Light is a Robber! Bobby, the policeman certainly did. Who could blame him. He has to make his decisions on the run and admittedly Rob fits the profile perfectly, doesn’t he? Thank god, Bobby doesn’t have a gun, otherwise we might never heard the full story.

The reality is Rob D Light contracted a serious lung condition in his previous job. Now he is unemployed and homeless and he has to protect himself from too much dust. The only way he can afford to do this is by wearing a kerchief. Unfortunately, if he doesn’t find a job soon, he might turn into exactly what his reputation is. But with these insignia, who will give him a chance?


Today Mouse and Push Push, the elephant talk about their relationship for our “Embrace Diversity” series. There shouldn’t be any animosities between them, but poor Mouse has an irrational fear of elephants, simply because they are so huge. It is as irrational as having a fear of green mice.


Elephants are indeed vegetarians and truth be told, Mouse should be more afraid of Cool Cat or Foxy Lady. Surprisingly she isn’t!

Lucky for Push Push, she is the one elephant Mouse knows personally, so of course with her it different. It is simply, the better you know something or someone the least fear inducing they are.  Mouse still reckons Push Push is a klutz, though she would never tell her to her face and as a precaution keeps her at arm’s length. Funnily enough Push Push’s friends warn her about Mouse. They believe, the little rodent could get up the elephant’s very long nose. This is nothing more than an old wives’ tale and Push Push is not worried at all. She is simply a gentle giant who sometimes can be a bit awkward. And it surely hurts when she steps on your toes, accidentally or not!


The Dede’s maxim has always been “Embrace Diversity,” but not in a lovey-dovey, goody two-shoes kind of way. Like anybody else they clearly have likes and dislikes. They might hate a situation, but never the individuals in it. At the moment Top Dog annoys them. They now call him a Me-Me, rather than Dede, as he obviously flouts their values. Before he brings the Dedes into disrepute, and as a counter- balance to his behaviour, Foxy Lady proposed the Dedes take pictures with an “unnatural” friend. She made a start and asked Harvey, the gambling rabbit, to pose with her.

You need to know that Harvey is a womanizer and Foxy Lady is a very independent modern vixen. When Harvey first met her he was instantly smitten. He followed her around and showered her with attention. And this is something she really can’t stand. One day she got so upset she snapped and said she’d rather have him on her dinner plate. Gosh, he sure interpreted this the wrong way. I won’t tell you what happened, it is simply too embarassing for Harvey. (No need to go searching for it on Facebook. The story isn’t on there either.)

Never mind. They keep out of each other’s way these days. And anyway, Harvey is now married to Pavlova the lab rat and everything is forgiven and forgotten.