Rob D Light had been thinking long and hard and came to the conclusion he should apply for the job Sunny turned down the other day. So he went and saw Norman T Newbie III, clutching his CV he had been labouring over for a long time. Norman didn’t even look at the paperwork. He just laughed heartily. “We don’t want Dedes like you. Wait until we come to power. We know what to do with the likes of you.”

Rob felt very ashamed, quickly gathered his things and left. Norman T Newbie III was still laughing as if it was a brilliant joke. Little did Rob know that Norman actually doesn’t have the authority to hire anyone.


When he paused at the next street corner, Mouse passed by and saw Rob D Light was all depressed. She felt so sorry for him and instinctively gave him all her small change.

“What are you doing?” asked Mr Vague appalled. “You know he is going to the next bottle store now to buy some booze.”

Mouse wasn’t fazed at all. “He might,” she said “and so does my colleague and half the population when they get their wages.”