Today Mouse and Push Push, the elephant talk about their relationship for our “Embrace Diversity” series. There shouldn’t be any animosities between them, but poor Mouse has an irrational fear of elephants, simply because they are so huge. It is as irrational as having a fear of green mice.


Elephants are indeed vegetarians and truth be told, Mouse should be more afraid of Cool Cat or Foxy Lady. Surprisingly she isn’t!

Lucky for Push Push, she is the one elephant Mouse knows personally, so of course with her it different. It is simply, the better you know something or someone the least fear inducing they are.  Mouse still reckons Push Push is a klutz, though she would never tell her to her face and as a precaution keeps her at arm’s length. Funnily enough Push Push’s friends warn her about Mouse. They believe, the little rodent could get up the elephant’s very long nose. This is nothing more than an old wives’ tale and Push Push is not worried at all. She is simply a gentle giant who sometimes can be a bit awkward. And it surely hurts when she steps on your toes, accidentally or not!