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Mouse has put together summaries of the performances to make it easier for the readers to vote. But she doesn’t want to overdo it and started off with three and the last two contestants will follow tomorrow.


This time we start with the oldest contestant Granddad Max. His body might not have been up for it, as in the first week he had to call in sick. However his mind is still young and he often wonders who the old codger is who appears to be living in his bathroom mirror. Granddad prides himself on his listening skills and the other contestants seem to respect him. In the last week they voted him spokesperson when they had to answer a curly question.


Chambermaid entered the competition as the favourite. Unfortunately when it was her turn she was stressed about some chores she had to do (she always has some chores to do). For her skills, she showed us the man she tried to shape (though she wasn’t entirely happy with him). She put him up on a pedestal in front of her here, so that he has the same height as her. Sadly in last week’s panel discussion we didn’t hear her voice at all.


Snippedy, the clown revealed he is hiding behind a mask and rather prefers to open up a bottle of spirits than himself. He likes to make fun and stands on his head to get a new perspective, but he would never attempt to actively change his surroundings. In the last week he fell for Top Dog’s story and would happily follow him anywhere, though he hasn’t admitted it openly.

Like the post and all three candidates get a point. If you want to propel one into the lead, you can comment on this Dedes. Every comment counts as five likes!




Lots has happened, but nothing exciting. Just little things here and there indicating the wheels are falling off the competition. The last week of the Super Dede competition was – to say the least – a flop. I wouldn’t call it a total flop, but a flop nevertheless. We had a couple of questions from readers and Top Dog was obviously waiting to twist one of the questions so he could turn the spotlight on himself. Remember, he isn’t even a contestant. But he really managed to throw a spanner in the works. Not a good ending to the week.

Saturday is usually a day of rest for the Dedes. Except for Mouse, who seems to run on long-life batteries and by the looks of it doesn’t need a break. She used the day to discuss what happened the previous week and what to do next with the external consultant, Millie.


But Mouse couldn’t find Millie for ages. When she finally spotted her, she was – with all her belongings packed – abseiling down the cabinet.  “I have had enough of you Dedes” Millie called out to Mouse. And then she said she had read on Instagram that the 2nd of July is the toy traveller day. So she wanted to go and find some friends more suitable to her. (Now this is a story in itself. The toys she met were mainly Russian and she didn’t know she had to find a fountain. This somehow got lost in translation. We’ll keep that story for another rainy day).

But one thing is for sure, the exit of Millie left Mouse in the lurch. Then on Sunday Devil chucked it in as well. He headed for the door mumbling that Top Dog had really spoilt it for him. Meanwhile, Rob D Light had carried a hat full of names into the headquarters. Remember that any comment made during the competition is entered into the draw for a signed copy of the first dedepuppet book “Hermit’s Web or the few friends I need, I hand-craft myself.” Rob has been keeping track of the commenters and wrote their names on pieces of paper to go into the green hat in which we usually keep our spare cash. The hat has never been so full.


Mouse is determined to see the competition through to the end. After all, she was the proud winner of the inaugural Super Dede Competition and she knows all too well how exciting it is to win this title. A real Super Dede will do anything for the Dede community. So, this morning she fronted up to the followers and announced sternly that this Friday the Super Dede 2016 winner will be crowned, come hell or highwater (looking out the window, highwater is more likely).

So this week, images of all the contestants will appear one more time, complete with a summary of their performance. The followers are invited to Like their contestant. Any comment about a contestant will add another 5 likes. And of course,  all the comments will also go into the draw for the signed dedepuppet book.



devil bun

Milky Bar Devil is a caring sort of guy. He loves to work in the kitchen, cooking, baking, and of course making a mess. So for his skill performance he baked his famous hamburger buns and brought them to the stage. They are so easy to make and take all of 40 mins from start to finish. He has done them so many times and they always have been popular. Devil, the MC, was not impressed: “That is such an old hat” he said sneeringly “We all know you were the poster boy of the Artist’s Survival Cookbook*.” Milky Bar Devil was surprised “No one told me it needs to be a new skill!”

Ah well, the others ate the buns and didn’t complain.

*The Dedepuppet cookbook with recipes from flour and water is available from


Due to the complaint fromTop Dog the opening of the Super Dede Competition was a little subdued last night. The Competition is supposed to be plain old good fun. There is no ulterior motive, except, maybe, that everything will be turned into a dede book later. The management team asked the artist what they should do in regards to the complaint. No readers seemed to be concerned. Ah well, they don’t have to live with Top Dog :).  Together they nutted out an official statement that Devil read out at the opening: “We, the community of the Dedepuppets, are extremely happy that our friends did not vote for a narcissistic self-promoter. The complaint is rejected.”

Then Devil called Snippedy, the clown, on stage. He  had the lowest number of votes so he is first up to perform.

Snippedy couldn’t wait to go on. After all, in the last competition a few years back he didn’t get any votes at all. What a success it is for him to be here. And he is a performer anyway. Before Devil could say anything Snippedy turned to the crowd, lifted his arms and called: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for your confidence. I won’t disappoint you!” Then he turned to Devil with exicited anticipation to see what happens next.

snippedy intro

Devil explained that in the first round the five contestants have to say something about themselves. You really could see Snippedy’s face drop. “About myself?’ he asked with disbelief. “But I am a clown, I wear a mask, I don’t talk about myself!”

“Sorry mate, that is the rule!” said Devil. “You have to do it!”

Snippedy stared at the floor. “I tell jokes” he said. “I make people laugh. That’s pretty much it. Nothing more.” That was it. He wasn’t going to say anymore. Then after a while he had an idea. “I can tell you a joke about the clown!” he said brightly.

Devil sighed. “Phew. Okay then, tell us a joke.”

Snippedy’s eyes lit up and his voice regained confidence. “Why didn’t the clown cross the road?” He looked into the audience and enjoyed the silence for a brief moment. Then he answered “because he wasn’t a chicken! ha, ha, ha!” Nobody responded. “C’mon” he said, “that was funny. Laugh, guys laugh!”

“Okay, give a big hand for our first contestant” said Devil and nudged Snippedy in the side. The clown loafed off and I think we could all see a tear glisten in his eye.




Phew, Detail has managed to find 10 brave Dedes to put their heart on the line for the new Super Dede Competition. I don’t know how, but she has. For the moment she is still holding the list close to her chest. It will be revealed in the week starting tomorrow.

I have to commend the three puppets on the management team. They work excellently together. Mouse is the hard worker, Detail makes sure, nothing is overlooked and Devil is the pretty public face. So, tell me what can go wrong?

However, there are still a few organisational issues to clarify and discuss. First of all, what is in it for our readers who comment or make suggestions? The management team decided that every single comment and suggestion will go into the draw for a signed copy of the first Dede puppet book Hermit’s Web or the few friends I need, I handcraft myself.  This is the story of how it all began. The puppets haven’t said exactly how many copies they will make available. If there is good participation they will up the ante and make more prizes available. They will keep you posted. Also, should you win and you already have the book, we find another Dede prize for you :).

So far, the Dedes have posted only one image a day on Instagram, for the competition this will most certainly change. To be honest, the Dedes totally dislike when you get bombarded with images from one single person, but to get all the information out they will definitely need more space. The headquarters for the competition is located on the blog. Here you will always find more info than on Instagram or Facebook.

Any questions?

Tomorrow morning Mouse will post the rules…



First things first. In the picture above you see the Super Dede Competition management team . From left to right: Detail, Mouse and Devil. You don’t see Detail very often in a picture. She is very particular about her appearance and rarely approves a photo of herself. She is the only Dede featuring straight lines and she finds her eyes too dark for her light complexion. Ah well, she certainly won’t take part in the competition. This might be another reason why she happily volunteered to canvas for contestants.

The nicely dressed lady in the front is the director of the theatre where the competition takes place. She considered herself pretty enough to take part in the Super Dede Competition. When she auditioned the management team informed her the competition is strictly for Dedes only. Of course she is invited to participate with comments and suggestions like the rest of the audience and the readers. She was a little miffed, but still went off to reserve herself a seat in the front row. She just loves the theatre so much.

Yesterday, our reader Jessie suggested some puppets that would make an interesting addition to the cast. I gave the list to Detail and she diligently went off to talk to the nominated puppets individually and asked them if they were willing to be put on the list. (Remember, being on the list doesn’t mean they will actually partake in the competition. In the first week the readers will whittle down the list of 10 suggestions to 5 final contestants.)


From left to right: Granddad Max, Twofaced, Philosopher (lying down) and Deutsch Fraulein.

First up, Detail asked Twofaced if she wants to be a contestant. Her response was “Mhm, not sure.” Detail said “Okay then, I take it that’s a no” and crossed her of the list. Then she went on to ask Granddad Max. Granddad Max said “Mhm, not sure.” Detail nudged him with her ellbow and said “C’mon, don’t you feel flattered that someone put your name forward? And it would be great to have the perspective of an older member of society in the competition!” Granddad Max still said “Mhm not sure” but Detail put him on the list and promised if she had more than 10 applicants she would ask him again.

Next on Detail’s list was Deutsch Fraulein. “If you asked me to be a contestant on the “bachelorette” I would jump at the opportunity” the girl said arrogantly. “The Super Dede Competition, sorry, is not my thing.” Detail shook her head, crossed her off and moved on to Philosopher. Here she faced a dilemma. On the one hand she didn’t want bother this puppet as she knew what he would say. On the other hand she didn’t want to disappoint Jessie, who had put him forward. In the end she took a deep breath and asked. Sure enough, he waived the question aside. “Don’t bother me with that silly competition but I don’t want to spoil it for you guys so just leave me out of it.”

Detail was exhausted. All this hard work and she only has three contestants so far. The competition is supposed to start next Monday. Dear, oh dear!  There were two more puppets suggested by Jessie. One is called Patience. Patience is the one that got lost in the process, never to been seen again. But  Detail is not giving up. She couldn’t find the wannabe artist Sunny either, but he must be around somewhere. So there are still two maybe’s. Good luck, Detail.

And remember you still can get the free ebook of the previous Super Dede Competition from until tomorrow. Enter the code VV39S to get the ebook with a 100% discount.

super dede prep

The Dedes ruthelessly evicted the cast from the shadow theatre and took over the premises. Of course the Shadows weren’t pleased about this, but they know too well that the Dedes are more important. I expected they would put up more of a fight, but no, they just moved out!

The Dedes didn’t waste any time and immediately started setting up the stage. There’s not much time left, the competition starts on Monday. Like last time, it will be an impromptu event and the Dedes will incorporate comments from the readers. There are prizes to be won for readers who take part, but the Dedes haven’t made up their minds yet what they will be. In the meantime, Devil has decided to make the ebook about the previous competition available for free until the Super Dede Competition 2016 officially starts on Monday the 6th of June. In the first week we will be selecting the contestants.

Detail is currently going around canvassing the puppets to find out who wants to become a contestant. Like last time, she is aiming to get 10 puppets to apply and the readers will whittle it down to 5 puppets. Over three weeks these Dedes will have to battle it out to find out who will become the Super Dede 2016.


We had a really tough weekend at the Dede household with lots of crying and desperation. Devil was frustrated. His “Freeday” didn’t turn out as he expected. One of the Instagram readers suspected that it is just another devilish ruse and who knows how much you really have pay for it in the end. The reader made a good point. Devil has no idea how other people perceive him. Of course, he thinks he is the nicest Dede on the planet. We won’t burst his bubble, but it does explain why his generous offer wasn’t taken up in droves. He has kindly extended the offer until the 5th of June 2016. And no, it isn’t a devilish ruse. The book really is free (go to and enter the code VV39S before you check out to get your free copy).


One of our followers,  Jessie Martinovic in Australia, downloaded the book and sent us a wonderful message (see comment in the previous post). Thank you so much Jessie for this amazing feedback, it made my day. Unfortunately it was too late to lift Devil’s spirits.  You know how it is, once you are in this downward spiral, you go down, down, down until you hit the ground. So Mouse and Devil, who are usually an excellent team, sat down together and cried their little hearts out. Each of them tried to outdo the other as to who is the poorer puppet. In the end Mouse pointed out that it is dire for them all as I have set up another instagram account called beyond_the_dedes. I won’t tell you what Devil called me on instagram, but I can assure you, he wasn’t the nicest puppet on the planet then :)) I knew very well they won’t like it. They really want to have my full attention. But I can’t help it, I do other stuff as well! At least now we have proper separation.


Yesterday, the benevolent King had enough of their antics. He looked at the sorry pair and remarked that it doesn’t help anyone when they drown themselves in a sea of snot-drenched hankies. That made them think and when Chambermaid came along this morning to clean up their mess, they listened to her suggestion.


Once she had picked up all the hankies, Chambermaid dragged a big piece of fabric into the room and suggested they should make a theatre curtain from the material and run another Super Dede Competition. The 2016 version. Devil wasn’t entirely convinced. He knows how much work it is and they would also need support from the readers to make it work. But don’t forget, a minute earlier he was still very depressed, and just putting the idea to the readers is something of a victory for Chambermaid. She of course dreams of becoming a contestant and that could mean “good bye snotty hankies for ever!”

Mouse doesn’t have an opinion. As usual, she just wants to be busy. Faster than you can say boo she got her clipboard out to make notes about how the whole thing could work across two platforms: Instagram and the blog.

So what do you think?



Mouse had taken on the promotion of The Super Dede Competition ebook, despite she has no clue about marketing. She did it basically because no-one else held their hand up (as usual), but somehow the book needs to be advertised. She was adamant it had to be an Instagram promotion, as the Dedes seem to be going well there. So she spent a day researching and then jumped onto the computer to create a regram ad with popular Chambermaid as the poster girl. Devil, who used to be the spokes person, poo-pooed her attempt and said  no-one would regram an ad for a book of the value of US$3.99. Most of the Dede followers on Instagram have a particular aesthetic on their site and such a regram ad would stick out like a sore thumb. Mouse was still thinking about an appropriate response, when Harvey, the rabbit came along and said the book should be free anyway. This was too much for Mouse and she had one of her break-downs, that unfortunately happen all too often as she works far too hard.  Devil could see:  Yes, Harvey had a point, but so had Mouse.  The book should be free to our followers, but we cannot do everything for free forever. At this point he volunteered to take over the ebook promotion. After all he used to be the MC for the “Super Dede Competition” and if the book sells it is in his best interest. His solution was to make the ebook free until Saturday, the 28th of May 2016.

So, head over to and get your free copy. Enter the code VV39S before you check out. 

Of course if you want to support the Dedes feel free to buy the book. If you like the Dedes, tell everyone about it. And if you don’t like it,  keep your mouth shut. :)

“Really!” said Mouse, “isn’t that obvious? Do we have to say that? Oh, …I hate marketing!”

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Yes, the Dedes are back to normal. Unfortunately part of their normality is their struggle for survival. They don’t want to have anything for free, but for some of them it is very difficult. Look, for example, at Rob D Light. He has been looking for a job for ever and lives under a blanket of newspapers. His old one is ripped and he gratefully grabbed the discarded ransom note because it was glued on 120gsm paper. That will be a bit warmer than the thin newsprint in the approaching New Zealand winter.

SuperDedeCompetition_CoverMouse said Cool Cat should do some work to get noticed, but that is easier said than done. Mouse works relentlessly. She is a workaholic to be precise, but does she earn a decent income? No! She has put together the Artist’s Survival Cookbook which is available in print, and just two days ago, she put the latest publication The Super Dede Competition as an ebook on smashwords. The problem is the marketing. Not one Dede is an expert at that.

So, Mouse has taken charge of this now as well. She put the price on US$3.99, which for an ebook might appear a bit dear, but she argued it should be viewed as a donation to the Dedes. They don’t want to have anything for free, though it is obvious they can’t survive on thin air. “Look at it” she said defending her decision. “It is the price of a cup of coffee”. Then she went on to explain where the money is going. $1 from each book goes to Rob D Light and another $1 goes to L’Artiste so he can continue his carefree work. The rest that is not withheld by Smashwords for administration will go to repay debts the Dedes have accumulated in recent years. Originally she wanted to put it in the kitty for a rainy day, but no, it is better to get rid of debts first the others said.

So here we are: click on the image, buy the book, donate to the Dedes and tell all your friends about it. The Dedes will be eternally grateful.