super dede prep

The Dedes ruthelessly evicted the cast from the shadow theatre and took over the premises. Of course the Shadows weren’t pleased about this, but they know too well that the Dedes are more important. I expected they would put up more of a fight, but no, they just moved out!

The Dedes didn’t waste any time and immediately started setting up the stage. There’s not much time left, the competition starts on Monday. Like last time, it will be an impromptu event and the Dedes will incorporate comments from the readers. There are prizes to be won for readers who take part, but the Dedes haven’t made up their minds yet what they will be. In the meantime, Devil has decided to make the ebook about the previous competition available for free until the Super Dede Competition 2016 officially starts on Monday the 6th of June. In the first week we will be selecting the contestants.

Detail is currently going around canvassing the puppets to find out who wants to become a contestant. Like last time, she is aiming to get 10 puppets to apply and the readers will whittle it down to 5 puppets. Over three weeks these Dedes will have to battle it out to find out who will become the Super Dede 2016.