Detail is very good at keeping lists and things, so she volunteered to rustle up the contestants again. She is also very conscientious and got to work immediately. She opened the box where all the Dedes hide from the sunlight when they have their days off, and asked who wants to take part in the Super Dede Competition 2016. The one thing she is lacking though is a loud and commanding voice! So no Dede reacted to her question except for Bobby, the policeman. He jumped out of the crowd and placed himself right next to Detail. “Oi”  he shouted with his booming voice, “the lady is talking to you guys!”  All of a sudden everyone looked up.

Detail is not sure if they listened because he has a booming male voice or because he represents authority. To be honest, she doesn’t care, as long as she gets 10 willing Dedes on her list before Monday. So far she has only two: Chambermaid and Snippedy, the clown.

Have a look at the Characters page. Which one would you like to see in the competition?