Due to the complaint fromTop Dog the opening of the Super Dede Competition was a little subdued last night. The Competition is supposed to be plain old good fun. There is no ulterior motive, except, maybe, that everything will be turned into a dede book later. The management team asked the artist what they should do in regards to the complaint. No readers seemed to be concerned. Ah well, they don’t have to live with Top Dog :).  Together they nutted out an official statement that Devil read out at the opening: “We, the community of the Dedepuppets, are extremely happy that our friends did not vote for a narcissistic self-promoter. The complaint is rejected.”

Then Devil called Snippedy, the clown, on stage. He  had the lowest number of votes so he is first up to perform.

Snippedy couldn’t wait to go on. After all, in the last competition a few years back he didn’t get any votes at all. What a success it is for him to be here. And he is a performer anyway. Before Devil could say anything Snippedy turned to the crowd, lifted his arms and called: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for your confidence. I won’t disappoint you!” Then he turned to Devil with exicited anticipation to see what happens next.

snippedy intro

Devil explained that in the first round the five contestants have to say something about themselves. You really could see Snippedy’s face drop. “About myself?’ he asked with disbelief. “But I am a clown, I wear a mask, I don’t talk about myself!”

“Sorry mate, that is the rule!” said Devil. “You have to do it!”

Snippedy stared at the floor. “I tell jokes” he said. “I make people laugh. That’s pretty much it. Nothing more.” That was it. He wasn’t going to say anymore. Then after a while he had an idea. “I can tell you a joke about the clown!” he said brightly.

Devil sighed. “Phew. Okay then, tell us a joke.”

Snippedy’s eyes lit up and his voice regained confidence. “Why didn’t the clown cross the road?” He looked into the audience and enjoyed the silence for a brief moment. Then he answered “because he wasn’t a chicken! ha, ha, ha!” Nobody responded. “C’mon” he said, “that was funny. Laugh, guys laugh!”

“Okay, give a big hand for our first contestant” said Devil and nudged Snippedy in the side. The clown loafed off and I think we could all see a tear glisten in his eye.