So, we have our five contestants. The comments did make a difference and it is interesting that on each social media a different puppet led. On facebook only one contestant got likes, and that was Loudmouth. Mhm. I wonder what this tells us! The blog readers definitly favoured Snotty Nosed Prince. Unfortunatley the sheer numbers of Instagram likes put him in last place together with Top Dog. (You can see the exact results on the Super Dede 16 page on this blog).

With these two Dedes not making the finals, all the puppets that would have made for a controversial competition are out. Top Dog of course didn’t take the result lying down. He put in a complaint. His beef was that he was the last contestant to be introduced to the Instagram readers and by the end of the week they obviously got tired of voting. The Dedes that were introduced earlier definitely got more likes. And to make matters worse, one of our readers fossikandforage said Top Dog should get a Hitler wig. I think she was referring to what he said. Now, that was a bit harsh. Top Dog would have liked the management team to delete this comment, but we won’t have censorship. To make matters worse the dedepuppets, whoever is hiding behind this name,  answered that there is indeed a likeliness.

Ah well, I put it to you, do you think he has a leg to stand on?