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Yesterfday afternoon Mouse packed the books and postcards for the winners when she suddenly felt shattered and fell asleep on top of the pile of mail she had to bring to the postoffice. Who could blame her. She really deserves a good night sleep.


And so she was still in lala-land, when Top Dog had his next cunning idea.”Hi, hi” he chuckled, when he saw Mouse lying there like dead. He had made himself a silly wig, so he could vote in the referendum of the fluffy toys. Of course he voted for the separation and as it worked, it gave him this idea. “I will call all the Dede dogs together and we will have our own referendum. All I have to do is convince them everything in Dedeland is terribly bad. That’s all! No need for workable solutions. They are not important.” Though he had a very clear idea what he would do to Mouse once he was in power. She had annoyed him too much lately.


Mouse was really looking forward to catching up with her consultant Millie this morning. Over the past few weeks they had formed a really good working relationship. The Super Dede Competition has finally finished and now their head is free to make plans for the next exciting venture. Mouse likes to get her teeth into a new challenge. It was a big surprise when she found the path blocked by a chain and a large “No Dedes” sign on the wall. On the other side of the obstacle a few fluffy toys had gathered. Mouse didn’t know any of them, but they looked a little hostile. Millie was not only the only familiar face  but also the friendliest.  “Sorry, I can’t talk to you anymore” she called from across the chain. “The fluffy toys had a referendum, a Flexit, and they voted to be independent.” Mouse was stunned, that was the first she heard about it. “But,” Mouse pointed out, “without us you are nothing. Our readers only know of you because of us.” Millie looked sad. “I have to go with the majority.”



It is official, Lapdog is Super Dede 2016. Applause! It was a nailbiter to the very end. A tight race between Snippedy, the clown, who bottles up his emotions and the Lapdog who isn’t quite sure what she is. While Snippedy, the clown had marginally more likes (on Instagram: 108 versus 106), Lapdog got more comments and one person even referred her to two friends. That definitely made her the absolute favourite. And looking at the lot, I have to admit, she is deserving. She is such a positive little thing.

In her speech Lapdog said: “I don’t know how I did it. I was simply myself. But thanks for all your comments, it proves speaking up does count.”

Unfortunately, nobody was interested in her speech. Now that it is all over, who cares, even Devil turned to Mouse and said “Now that is out of the way, what’s next?” Mouse rolled her eyes and said, that the Super Dede might be known now, but we still have to draw the winner of the signed Dedepuppet book. As we had heaps of comments (sorry, not on the blog :( but on Instagram) Mouse decided she will give away 2 books and five packs of 10 Dede postcards, showing the contestants.

Devil shouldn’t have asked what’s next. As soon as he gives the impression of being bored, Mouse will give him a job. Sure enough, he was landed with the job of drawing the winners. To show that everything was above board, we even made a little film and the winners have been notified.


Yesterday, after the summaries were completed and all the contestants had left the stage to get their deserved rest before the big finale on Friday, Mouse started to tidy up the stage. All of a sudden Top Dog came running in, balloon and flag in hand. Mouse looked at this paraphernalia, which he had obviously done through a marketing agency. Mouse doesn’t like confrontation, but she had to remind him “Top Dog, you are not in the competition.” Then she tried to move him off the stage, so she could get on with her job. “You will see,” replied Top Dog confidently waving his flag wildly, “I will get the most likes!” This was a very awkward situation for little Mouse on her own. If only her mate Devil was here, he would tell Top Dog where to go, but he wasn’t. And since Top Dog didn’t leave, Mouse decided to moved on and do some other work somewhere else for now.

First thing in the morning, Mouse checked the current results and was more than pleased to see her wait-and-see approach had worked just fine. Top Dog did not get the most votes. To be precise, he didn’t even get close to any of the contestants. No way could he argue with these facts. This was a real confidence booster for Mouse and she could face him again. So Mouse came back on stage and announced excitedly “Our readers have once again proven they are very wise. They didn’t fall for cheap election tricks and no, Top Dog, you didn’t get the most likes.” Then she very quickly turned around to scuttle off the stage. Top Dog called after her “It’s all your fault…” But she was already out of earshot.



In the first week Lapdog revealed she is gender fluid. But that seems to be the only thing she knows for sure. While she has undoubtedly excellent people skills, she has no idea how she does it. All she knows is that everyone she encounters loves her and would do anything for her. In the last week she had an identity crisis when the contestants were asked whether or not they enjoyed the outdoors. As a dog she would love to romp around the garden, but as a Dede it is prudent to stay inside. She hasn’t made her mind up yet.


Milky Bar Devil always wants to do the right thing and he has been studying hard to fulfil his parents’ expectations. However, in the first week of the competition he finally realised he did not want to take over the family business. Truth to be told, he is a caring guy and loves to bake, particularly hamburger buns. But no matter how good his intentions, people are always suspicious of him.

Once again, if you like this post, each of the contestants will get one point and if you comment on one of the Dedes, they will get an extra 5 points.



Mouse has put together summaries of the performances to make it easier for the readers to vote. But she doesn’t want to overdo it and started off with three and the last two contestants will follow tomorrow.


This time we start with the oldest contestant Granddad Max. His body might not have been up for it, as in the first week he had to call in sick. However his mind is still young and he often wonders who the old codger is who appears to be living in his bathroom mirror. Granddad prides himself on his listening skills and the other contestants seem to respect him. In the last week they voted him spokesperson when they had to answer a curly question.


Chambermaid entered the competition as the favourite. Unfortunately when it was her turn she was stressed about some chores she had to do (she always has some chores to do). For her skills, she showed us the man she tried to shape (though she wasn’t entirely happy with him). She put him up on a pedestal in front of her here, so that he has the same height as her. Sadly in last week’s panel discussion we didn’t hear her voice at all.


Snippedy, the clown revealed he is hiding behind a mask and rather prefers to open up a bottle of spirits than himself. He likes to make fun and stands on his head to get a new perspective, but he would never attempt to actively change his surroundings. In the last week he fell for Top Dog’s story and would happily follow him anywhere, though he hasn’t admitted it openly.

Like the post and all three candidates get a point. If you want to propel one into the lead, you can comment on this Dedes. Every comment counts as five likes!




Lots has happened, but nothing exciting. Just little things here and there indicating the wheels are falling off the competition. The last week of the Super Dede competition was – to say the least – a flop. I wouldn’t call it a total flop, but a flop nevertheless. We had a couple of questions from readers and Top Dog was obviously waiting to twist one of the questions so he could turn the spotlight on himself. Remember, he isn’t even a contestant. But he really managed to throw a spanner in the works. Not a good ending to the week.

Saturday is usually a day of rest for the Dedes. Except for Mouse, who seems to run on long-life batteries and by the looks of it doesn’t need a break. She used the day to discuss what happened the previous week and what to do next with the external consultant, Millie.


But Mouse couldn’t find Millie for ages. When she finally spotted her, she was – with all her belongings packed – abseiling down the cabinet.  “I have had enough of you Dedes” Millie called out to Mouse. And then she said she had read on Instagram that the 2nd of July is the toy traveller day. So she wanted to go and find some friends more suitable to her. (Now this is a story in itself. The toys she met were mainly Russian and she didn’t know she had to find a fountain. This somehow got lost in translation. We’ll keep that story for another rainy day).

But one thing is for sure, the exit of Millie left Mouse in the lurch. Then on Sunday Devil chucked it in as well. He headed for the door mumbling that Top Dog had really spoilt it for him. Meanwhile, Rob D Light had carried a hat full of names into the headquarters. Remember that any comment made during the competition is entered into the draw for a signed copy of the first dedepuppet book “Hermit’s Web or the few friends I need, I hand-craft myself.” Rob has been keeping track of the commenters and wrote their names on pieces of paper to go into the green hat in which we usually keep our spare cash. The hat has never been so full.


Mouse is determined to see the competition through to the end. After all, she was the proud winner of the inaugural Super Dede Competition and she knows all too well how exciting it is to win this title. A real Super Dede will do anything for the Dede community. So, this morning she fronted up to the followers and announced sternly that this Friday the Super Dede 2016 winner will be crowned, come hell or highwater (looking out the window, highwater is more likely).

So this week, images of all the contestants will appear one more time, complete with a summary of their performance. The followers are invited to Like their contestant. Any comment about a contestant will add another 5 likes. And of course,  all the comments will also go into the draw for the signed dedepuppet book.



contestant discussion

Today is the last day of the competition. It was working well until Top Dog grabbed the limelight yesterday and turned it into a show about himself. He tried to expose the artist’s shoddy character and dug up a very old story. Our Instagram reader wizened_gnome obviously read the background information and asked a question last night. “Pretty manipulative…. don’t the contestants understand his motivation?” Devil, who secretly agrees, put the question straight to the contestants. All five contestants wanted to talk at once.

“Yeah, when you dive into the background, you get the full picture, the artist was asked by other Dedes…”

“No, Top Dog has a point. The treatment was very harsh and uncalled for.”

“No, no, no, she did some legitimate scientific research for the benefit of us all. She had to choose someone!”

“But no way should she have used a dog for that. Animals, even nasty ones, have rights too!”

“You are wrong, it’s not about animal rights at all, it is about his persona….”

“Whoo hoo” interrupted Devil, the MC who was supposed to moderate. The discussion had quickly become too heated. “We are running a talent show here, not an ethics committee! Please don’t mix entertainment and politics. Keep in mind, the readers will  have to vote soon, so don’t confuse them!”

The contestants stopped and looked at each other wondering how a simple question about wind could have become so political.