Mouse was really looking forward to catching up with her consultant Millie this morning. Over the past few weeks they had formed a really good working relationship. The Super Dede Competition has finally finished and now their head is free to make plans for the next exciting venture. Mouse likes to get her teeth into a new challenge. It was a big surprise when she found the path blocked by a chain and a large “No Dedes” sign on the wall. On the other side of the obstacle a few fluffy toys had gathered. Mouse didn’t know any of them, but they looked a little hostile. Millie was not only the only familiar face  but also the friendliest.  “Sorry, I can’t talk to you anymore” she called from across the chain. “The fluffy toys had a referendum, a Flexit, and they voted to be independent.” Mouse was stunned, that was the first she heard about it. “But,” Mouse pointed out, “without us you are nothing. Our readers only know of you because of us.” Millie looked sad. “I have to go with the majority.”