Yesterfday afternoon Mouse packed the books and postcards for the winners when she suddenly felt shattered and fell asleep on top of the pile of mail she had to bring to the postoffice. Who could blame her. She really deserves a good night sleep.


And so she was still in lala-land, when Top Dog had his next cunning idea.”Hi, hi” he chuckled, when he saw Mouse lying there like dead. He had made himself a silly wig, so he could vote in the referendum of the fluffy toys. Of course he voted for the separation and as it worked, it gave him this idea. “I will call all the Dede dogs together and we will have our own referendum. All I have to do is convince them everything in Dedeland is terribly bad. That’s all! No need for workable solutions. They are not important.” Though he had a very clear idea what he would do to Mouse once he was in power. She had annoyed him too much lately.