Yesterday, after the summaries were completed and all the contestants had left the stage to get their deserved rest before the big finale on Friday, Mouse started to tidy up the stage. All of a sudden Top Dog came running in, balloon and flag in hand. Mouse looked at this paraphernalia, which he had obviously done through a marketing agency. Mouse doesn’t like confrontation, but she had to remind him “Top Dog, you are not in the competition.” Then she tried to move him off the stage, so she could get on with her job. “You will see,” replied Top Dog confidently waving his flag wildly, “I will get the most likes!” This was a very awkward situation for little Mouse on her own. If only her mate Devil was here, he would tell Top Dog where to go, but he wasn’t. And since Top Dog didn’t leave, Mouse decided to moved on and do some other work somewhere else for now.

First thing in the morning, Mouse checked the current results and was more than pleased to see her wait-and-see approach had worked just fine. Top Dog did not get the most votes. To be precise, he didn’t even get close to any of the contestants. No way could he argue with these facts. This was a real confidence booster for Mouse and she could face him again. So Mouse came back on stage and announced excitedly “Our readers have once again proven they are very wise. They didn’t fall for cheap election tricks and no, Top Dog, you didn’t get the most likes.” Then she very quickly turned around to scuttle off the stage. Top Dog called after her “It’s all your fault…” But she was already out of earshot.