contestant discussion

Today is the last day of the competition. It was working well until Top Dog grabbed the limelight yesterday and turned it into a show about himself. He tried to expose the artist’s shoddy character and dug up a very old story. Our Instagram reader wizened_gnome obviously read the background information and asked a question last night. “Pretty manipulative…. don’t the contestants understand his motivation?” Devil, who secretly agrees, put the question straight to the contestants. All five contestants wanted to talk at once.

“Yeah, when you dive into the background, you get the full picture, the artist was asked by other Dedes…”

“No, Top Dog has a point. The treatment was very harsh and uncalled for.”

“No, no, no, she did some legitimate scientific research for the benefit of us all. She had to choose someone!”

“But no way should she have used a dog for that. Animals, even nasty ones, have rights too!”

“You are wrong, it’s not about animal rights at all, it is about his persona….”

“Whoo hoo” interrupted Devil, the MC who was supposed to moderate. The discussion had quickly become too heated. “We are running a talent show here, not an ethics committee! Please don’t mix entertainment and politics. Keep in mind, the readers will  have to vote soon, so don’t confuse them!”

The contestants stopped and looked at each other wondering how a simple question about wind could have become so political.