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garlic plaiting

The Dedes agreed on one thing yesterday evening.  Devil has to get off the phone. He defended his behaviour by saying it was all research for the Dedes at large. They didn’t believe him and decided on a phone-free Tuesday (every week from now on). Then, one of the other puppets will babysit the phone and Devil has to do chores around the house and garden. Today he has to help Mouse plait the garlic she harvested earlier. He is not a happy chappy. “Hang on,” he said. “Didn’t we all say we should agree on a decision? I haven’t!” “Overruled!” “So much for decision by consent!”


Devil is depressed again. Each time the Dedes finish a project – even a small one – he has to take a couple of days off to question what the troupe is doing. Recently, the Dedes have started on Instagram and while Devil is overjoyed, the silly Dedes are not alone. He also developed an anxiety. Looking around Instagram Devil realised the Dedes are up against an entire army of traveling fluffy toys. It seems to be very fashionable to take an inanimate companion on a journey (I wonder if it has something to do with the film Amélie).  Anyway, he is convinced I should go traveling, take him with me, and leave all the other ones behind. Needless to say, this idea didn’t fly with the rest of the Dedes.

fairy godmother flowers

It’s so typical. First the Dedes insult me, then they send a peacemaker to say they are sorry. Obviously they weren’t entirely serious about sacking me as an artist. I am not sure whether they had a meeting last night, as I was out with real friends. So they had the chance to discuss our relationship without running the risk of me eavesdropping. Anyway, today Fairy Godmother brought me a bunch of flowers she picked from the garden. She apologised for the rude behaviour of her peers yesterday. At first I thought it was very sweet, but then I had the feeling it wasn’t heartfelt. They must realise that they need me as much as I need them. Maybe they are aware that I might drop them if they continue to treat me as if I was their lackey. We are in it together. Sure enough, she then added “but there is a bit of truth in what they said yesterday.”

“I know” I admitted. “But honestly, I don’t know what to do anymore. You guys expect the impossible.”

“Look, I can see where you are coming from” said Fairy Godmother in a conciliatory voice. “I’m in the same boat. Everybody expects me to work wonders too, but it is evident that I have hit a brick wall on more than one occasion” and she pointed to her forehead. “You simply have to keep going!”

“I need more support from you, though. You have all these wonderful ideas but you just dump them on me and you never stick to anything!”

“What do you mean?” Fairy Godmother asked surprised. “Don’t forget we are only puppets!”

Now my dear readers. What do you think? Are they an ungrateful bunch or what? Does anyone have an idea what I should do with them?

yeast plait

Today is baking day. We are making a couple of items so we have something to offer before the first bread will come out of the oven tomorrow. Early this morning we started off with a yeast plait, and would you believe it, it got slightly burned around the edges. Cash Cow was very unhappy and her initial thought was, she will have to do it again, we can’t take that thing to our event. Alien, who has a very sunny disposition tries to talk her out of it. In his opinion nobody will notice once it is cut up. I don’t know. I leave them to sort it out :)

I use my oven all the time and it really should not have happend. This of course makes me wonder how the two ovens a the church will behave. I never used them before. We might head towards disaster.

And while I am writing this in a disgruntled mood, can anybody tell me where the spellcheck function in WordPress is hiding now? I can’t find the button, or am I the only one who needs a spell-checker?

packing up

Now I am getting nervous. The book launch is on Saturday and I have made plenty of lists: What I have to take, what I have to buy, what I have to ask others to help me with and so on.

Yesterday I had to swing by the venue again because all of a sudden I realised I don’t even know where the toilets are and then I was told the fridge is broken. So I will have to organise a chilly bin for the milk and the butter. I don’t have one of those.

Today I went to the shops to buy flour. Surprisingly, the 1.5 kg bags were more economical, because they were on special this week. So I bought 8 packets of white flour and 4 packets of whole meal. The lady at checkout was so curious, she couldn’t resist asking me what I was doing :). I knew that will happen. Honestly who would buy 12 packets of flour in one go. It wasn’t really that cheap that it justified hording. So I gave her an invitation to the launch.

The worst thing is, I have absolutely no idea how many people will show up. I have had some replies to my emails and a lot of people said it is a great idea. I didn’t ask for RSVP as it would make it too official and I really would like for people to just drop by.

ebrace series.indd

That is another one of the series. Little Lou the puppy was constantly harassing Skeleton Edeltraut and back then I was really happy, when I finally got them together in front of the camera. Everybody can understand that Lou wants to be close to Edeltraut, afterall she is just a heap of bones, and I isn’t it brilliant that she seems to have overcome her fear of the playful puppy. Once again after revisiting the images, I have the feeling that poor Edeltraut is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Her blank eyes make me suspicious. Doesn’t Lou parades her like a trophy? Edeltraut doesn’t seem at ease at all.

ebrace series.indd

I so want to get back into the swing with the Dedes. I am sitting here trying to write the story that made me come up with the “Embrace Diversity” Series. This is a project I did two years ago for an exhibition and it consists of six images of unexpected Dede puppet pairings. Back then I well and truly believed you can understand everyone if you only tried hard enough and inject a little bit of fun, yeah right! Two years later I have to say, you might be able to understand everyone and their actions, but you still might not be able to solve a thing. There is this German saying: The best can’t live in peace, when his neighbour doesn’t like it. I at least finally understand what that means :).

To tell you the true story now: Unfortunately Rob in this image doesn’t have a chance in hell as Bobby is a high functioning alcoholic. There is no way Rob will ever get out of prison and he might as well give up now! You can virtually see, that Bobby will never trust Rob and will blame him for everything that goes wrong. Bobby just wants to appear as if he is playing by the rules. You never know, someone might be watching.

sams brain

Ah yes, the Dedes are on the back bench for a little while again. I so wish I could work on my book, but at the moment I am overloaded with work at my part-time place. The foundation course I am teaching on has just finished and all those poor teachers out there know what that means: Heaps of marking, following up slackers and other administrative tasks. Last Friday though we had a wonderful exhibition and it was a brilliant send-off for all the students who have been working together for 18 weeks. One of the last modules I taught was fibre arts and the picture shows the work of Sam Hall. I am confident he is one we will hear more of in the future. He is now off to art school in Oxford and I wish him all the very best for his career. The artwork is a felted brain doused in red wine. The helium balloon smiles at you for a while, but when you come back a few hours later it will lie limp and deflated next to the damaged brain.

Last weekend I have been working on a film for my crowdfunding campaign. Now that it is finished, I have second thoughts and won’t be using it for it’s intended purpose. When I was riding the bus this morning, I had a more suitable idea. Guess I will be making another film next weekend.

But since I’ve made this one, I might as well show it :)

scare crow

Poor old Top Dog is still out there in the garden, exposed to wind, rain and a little sunshine in between. Of course, the other Dedes feel sorry for him and in good old lovey-dovey Dede fashion would like to invite him back into the house. All his past actions and words forgiven and forgotten, in the hope he has learnt his lesson during the wet and dark nights. But this time, the artist put her foot down and said “No”. She needs to have him gone for the sake of the other Dedes. Top Dog’s demise is of course symbolic.

To make use of the figure, the artist donated his head to a scientific experiment, run by Pavlova, the lab rat. They want to find out how long it will take a Dede to turn into something unrecognisable when exposed to the elements. As the puppets are made from paper mache they are unsuitable for an outdoor environment. Though the surface of the head is treated, the artist had expected it will turn into mush with the first heavy rain. It hasn’t. Top Dog has survived four days now and knocking on his head proves he is as strong as ever (it looks like he quite likes being knocked on the head :). At least he is getting some attention). The whole thing might drag on for a while. Meanwhile, the rest of the Dedes have come to accept that Top Dog definitely won’t return. They still find it very unsettling. After all he is a Dede. To ease their grief they are now taking bets on how long it will take before he is finished. We will keep you posted.