scare crow

Poor old Top Dog is still out there in the garden, exposed to wind, rain and a little sunshine in between. Of course, the other Dedes feel sorry for him and in good old lovey-dovey Dede fashion would like to invite him back into the house. All his past actions and words forgiven and forgotten, in the hope he has learnt his lesson during the wet and dark nights. But this time, the artist put her foot down and said “No”. She needs to have him gone for the sake of the other Dedes. Top Dog’s demise is of course symbolic.

To make use of the figure, the artist donated his head to a scientific experiment, run by Pavlova, the lab rat. They want to find out how long it will take a Dede to turn into something unrecognisable when exposed to the elements. As the puppets are made from paper mache they are unsuitable for an outdoor environment. Though the surface of the head is treated, the artist had expected it will turn into mush with the first heavy rain. It hasn’t. Top Dog has survived four days now and knocking on his head proves he is as strong as ever (it looks like he quite likes being knocked on the head :). At least he is getting some attention). The whole thing might drag on for a while. Meanwhile, the rest of the Dedes have come to accept that Top Dog definitely won’t return. They still find it very unsettling. After all he is a Dede. To ease their grief they are now taking bets on how long it will take before he is finished. We will keep you posted.