EIW goodbye

As you might know, the Dedes help their artist to understand the world at large, and specific situations and people. But sometimes there is nothing to understand, it is just plain absurd. For the first time in their existence some Dedes have to exit. They have to go because they become more trouble than they are worth. There is no other solution. The artist declares defeat. It isn’t the first time that Dedes leave. No, other Dedes have left voluntarily, like Punch too, who is now known by his stage name Han the Vere. Others are sponsored, like Harvey, the obnoxious womaniser. A sponsored puppet is one that has been sold, but still lives with the Dedes in the art cupboard and takes part in films and contributes to the blog.

Today another puppet will leave. This time it will be the lil’Dede Empress in Waiting. EIW, as she is known for short, doesn’t have much grey matter in her little head. Not enough space I guess. She is a selfish little creature and has always been attracted to Top Dog. Well, not so much to Top Dog himself, but the perceived power he has. With Top Dog out in the garden, poor little EIW is now nothing more than a shrinking violet. So she went to the artist and asked, no demanded, to be re-homed. As it happens, a friend of the artist is getting married in a few weeks and for reasons not to be elaborated on, she’ll appreciate receiving EIW’s head on a platter as the perfect wedding present.

So EIW went into the garden to wave good-bye to her old comrade in arms, obviously as happy as can be that she dodged a bullet once more. Ah well, that’s the benefit of being “in waiting”… you are never in the firing line :)