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Monkey, who is very worried because he belongs to a minority everyone laughs about, went to see Court Jester. He was upset and asked “Why didn’t you say outright they shouldn’t vote for that idiot?” 

“It is against the Jesters’ code of honour. Jesters don’t tell anyone what to do, instead they try to open your eyes.”

“But you know exactly where we are heading if this idiot comes to power.”

“There is only one thing I know exactly” said Court Jester now, “if you call someone an idiot, he is no longer prepared to listen. Believe you me, my profession has hundreds of years of experience. Being confrontational doesn’t get us anywhere. We have to remove the heat and approach the situation with a cooler head.”

Then he gave Monkey a big hug and said: “Trust me.”


Court Jester went to discuss the result of yesterday’s questionnaire with the benevolent King. Turns out only three Dedes considered themselves weird. Strangely enough Top Dog wasn’t one of them. But fifty Dedes thought the others were weird. That was exactly the point Court Jester wanted to make: the weird ones are always the others! And herein lies the problem according to the jester.
Unfortunately, this morning the Dedes were also told that the majority of readers reckoned they were indeed weird. Though in the sense of wonderfully different and excitingly strange. They valued their weirdness as a positive attribute.  You should have seen the upheaval that revelation caused. Now they all wanted to do the questionnaire again. And this time, all of them ticked yes for the first question. Weird, indeed!


“You are so right,” said Nosy Neighbour to Mr Vague, who was totally taken aback by Mouses response yesterday. Mr Vague is very intimidated by Rob who is simply hanging around. “We don’t want to be confronted with these jobless ones. You and I are good citizens. You sit on the fence and I watch from behind the curtain. We don’t harm anyone!”

Mr Vague felt understood and said, “yeah, when Top Dog is in power all these do-no-good Dedes have to go. Then we won’t have to look at them anymore.”


“Actually,” said Ms Sm, who lives opposite Nosy Neighbour, “I feel very intimidated because you watch my every move from behind your curtains.” She thought she could be open because – remember – only recently Nosy Neighbour had been prepared to pose with her for the “Embrace Diversity” project.

Now he had a different tack. “In the privacy of my home I have the right to do whatever I want,” he said.

“So do I,” replied Ms Sm.

“But I have to watch you so you don’t do any evil” Nosy Neighbour said now.

“For all I know, you could be evil,” countered Ms Sm.

“Don’t be absurd!”


These two Dedes should be commended for taking part in the “Embrace Diversity” project. The difference between Rob D Light and Bobby, the policeman poses an insurmountable dilemma, doesn’t it? But there is a real story in here and to be honest, they really would deserve a longer post.


Hands up who thought Rob D Light is a Robber! Bobby, the policeman certainly did. Who could blame him. He has to make his decisions on the run and admittedly Rob fits the profile perfectly, doesn’t he? Thank god, Bobby doesn’t have a gun, otherwise we might never heard the full story.

The reality is Rob D Light contracted a serious lung condition in his previous job. Now he is unemployed and homeless and he has to protect himself from too much dust. The only way he can afford to do this is by wearing a kerchief. Unfortunately, if he doesn’t find a job soon, he might turn into exactly what his reputation is. But with these insignia, who will give him a chance?


It didn’t take Top Dog long to jump into action and he assembled all the Dede Dogs, and Foxy Lady too. Close enough he thought, as he needed the number for his plan to work. Though he regretted the inclusion of Foxy Lady quickly when she asked him straght into his face: “Why should we follow a self-promoter with a bad hairdo?”  “Because I can save you!” He answered confidently. “From what?” asked Lapdog now. She was still beaming from being voted Super Dede 2016.


Top Dog was saved by Lou, the young puppy who turned to Foxy Lady and scolded: “This was very unDede of you. You judged Top Dog by his appearance, not his values or his programme! We Dedes simply don’t do that!” Foxy Lady was surprised “What values? What programme?” she replied.


Devil pushed Bad Conscience to free Mr Vague from his grip. We all know it is not particularly nice when Bad Conscience latches on to you, but now that he was on the receiving end of unpleasant treatment, he made a big scene. He fell to the ground and whinged incessantly, calling Devil a bully. Devil immediately checked whether he sustained an injury and once he found out that this was not the case said, “You really deserved that!”

Devil is also responsible for educating the little devils – there are quite a few among the Dedes, not all of them show their horns openly. As a good educator,  he likes to make his teaching relevant and posed the question; “What actually makes you a devil?” Milky Bar Devil, who is the starpupil, immediately raised his hand to give the answer, but Devil wanted to hear from the audience. Sadly no-one came forward with an answer, so Milky Bar Devil got his chance in the end. But instead of answering, the inquisitive little mind asked if being a devil wouldn’t be a matter of perception.

Now Evan G List, who is a stickler for rules, entered the scene. Very patronisingly he patted the little scholar on his back and said while there is something in the question, the pupil should look into morals, values and beliefs. Milky Bar Devil got a little annoyed and reminded him that he is only in Lesson 1 of his training. He can’t possibly know the ins and outs of such a tricky and contentious subject already.


I am still not sure what an artist actually is. I tell others that everyone is an artist, even though I have problems calling myself one. Do you need an audience who appreciates your work and puts a value on it? Is someone who produces stuff without selling or exhibiting merely a creative? I create to understand the world around me. That is it!

I took this photograph in 2010. I even had a large 10-colour print mounted on dibond, which I gave to a friend when our ways parted. The concept of the image is such a cheesy stereotype and I can see heaps of things I could have done better, but at the time it felt right.


Modern Man

Tony, who is not only a puppet maker but also an x-ray artist (visit his blog: xraygraphics), commented on my post yesterday that the artwork I put up is very tactile. He put his finger right on the core of my art. To explain where it comes from I have to dive down into my personal history. In a nutshell: back in the day I took to Photoshop like a duck to water and have been teaching digital imaging for 20 years. In the beginning I really enjoyed working with blend modes and masks to create amazing textures. But along the way, I realised how much our brain tricks us into perceiving surface properties. When you touch a print it is always flat. The appearance of texture is created by our brain interpreting what we expect to be there. So we see texture that really isn’t there.  Over the years my yearning for honest textures grew stronger and stronger.

I created the picture I’ve put up today in 2007. This is one of my favourites from my Photoshop era. In this triptych I used 4 different background photographs (a wooden door with flaky paint, a stone wall with a window, an iron watch tower in a forest, and a 200-year-old lace curtain) and combined them in different ways to bring different properties to the fore. My work is generally about relationships. This one describes that in a good relationship you should be allowed to be strong or weak at times.


closet maid

The other day I installed a clothes rail in my art cupboard. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the two bits that hold the rail. Aren’t they happy?


Last night I got a comment from Jürgen Küster, the artist who originally sparked the Dede’s dharna incident. When I recently re-read the Dede storys from that time, I realised they have changed a lot over the years. In my opinion not always postively. Jürgen is not only an accomplished artist himself, but also offers tremendeous support to other creatives and the Dedes are fortunate that he has kept an eye on them from the very early days. He was surprised to hear I had a negative perception of the puppets and has asked three questions (in German, translated below):

1 What did you get from the Dedes?

2 What is their impact on you?

3 Why can’t you let them go?

First of all I have to apologise before the Dedes decide to have another dharna. I didn’t mean they have a negative impact on me. It is just that they have become increasingly cynical over the years. They have lost the lightness of being they had in the early days. I recently revamped the Super Dede Competition as an ebook (available soon). In my own humble opinion they were at the top of their game when they did that competition. It is truly an insightful story.

But, and this is now a question for our readers, there is of course the possibility that only I know how cynical they have become, because I know how close they are to my personal life. I am really interested to find out, how do you perceive the Dedes?

But to answer Jürgen’s questions:

  1. I can’t measure how much the Dedes have given me. Since I was a little child I had this mephistopheles kind of personality. Mephisto is a devil in Goethe’s Faust (arguably the most important book in German literature). He describes himself as being part of that force that forever wants the evil, but always creates the good. I of course intended the opposite. I wanted the good, but somehow always managed to create the evil, at least in the eyes of those around me. Even my teachers said I only did things to rile them, when I rather would have liked to have gone unnoticed and blend into the background.
  2. As a result, I am obsessed with the impact of miscommuncation. And there is a lot of miscommunication out there. Everyone lives in their own little bubble of reality, each of us adament our own reality is the one and only true one. The Dedes are an amzing tool to view other people’s perception or interpretation of situations. If I don’t understand a person’s behaviour, I simply make another Dede or invent a new story and by the time I am done I have a better understanding. This doesn’t mean I understand everything. No way, but I can make an educated decision to walk away when communication is too lopsided.
  3. It is not that I can’t let them go. I don’t want to let them go. These little critters are the ones that keep me sane.

Now, back to the Dede story that is going on on Instagram at the moment. Snippedy the clown found fairy godmother’s magic wand in the attic, but no handbook on how to use it. Esta Blished the fairy godmother got angry because it was hers and he just took it. When Snippedy ask her to do a bit of magic and find Rob a job, she started to cry and reluctantly admitted she had forgotten how to do it. It could be the onset of alzheimers.


nuddy swim

So, Lil’Dede Mole has taken off with all the robes. This was a real blow for the Dedes and needs to be investigated. They have now become so accustomed to their clothes that they feel extremely self-conscious without their proper attire. But for now nothing could be done about it so they wondered what else they could do on hot summer’s day. Well, you can go for a swim in the nuddy they thought, and off they went to the beach. Unfortunately, what looked like an inviting sparkling blue ocean turned out to be a sea of plastic. “No birds here either” said Clown disappointed. This has to be investigated too.