mouse concernd

“So what do you think?” Mouse asked me.

“About what?” I asked surprised.


“Why, what’s with him?” It’s not easy for me, but I had to pretend I didn’t know anything. Unfortunately, if Mouse knows something, everybody else will know in a flash.

“Don’t tell me he hasn’t seen you. I know that you guys are very close.”

“No, honestly, I don’t know what you are talking about!”

Devil and Foxy Lady had a showdown on Thursday night when you were out. We were all there. I can tell you, it wasn’t pretty!” This was indeed new to me and it explains why Devil had such a bad night.

“He was a bit huffy when he left, so I thought he might have gone straight to you.”

“No, I didn’t see him. Maybe he is cooling down somewhere.”

Ah so, there seems to be more to the story than Devil had let on. I will have to see what comes to light over the weekend.