devil resign

This morning when it was still dawn, Devil came to see me. “I have had enough” he started, without beating about the bush. “I can’t do my job when the girls are always interfering. I am resigning!”

“Start again” I said. I wasn’t sure if I had heard him correctly. It was simply too much for me that early in the morning.

“If I hadn’t held my hand up in the first place we would still be flat newspapers, wouldn’t we! Nobody appreciates the work I have put into this whole thing” he continued, ignoring my words.

“When I am gone they will go nowhere fast. That I am sure of. I ask you, who is holding everything together, eh? Who is doing all the work? Didn’t I run the Super Dede Competition before Christmas? Am I not always talking with you to move us forward? Did I not volunteer for the “Embrace Diversity” series first? They are such an ungrateful lot. I am resigning! They will realise very quickly what they’ve lost!”


“You know, I only have to spread the word that I am available. People would love to have me work for them. Most people could do with a bit more devil in them, wouldn’t you think? They just have to let me do my thing! ”


“Only three weeks ago someone asked me if I wanted to work for them but my allegiances were still with the Dedes then. I worked so hard when we were at the burrow and everybody was concerned about you. Snippedy was ready to leave then, but I spoke with an angel’s tongue to convince him we are all in it together. I just should have let it slide. I just can’t do it anymore.”

Devil!” I exclaimed and stamped my foot on the ground to get his attention. He looked at me stunned and I could finally get a word in. “I beg you, please don’t make any rash decisions. You obviously had a bad night.”

“I have indeed, but I have made up my mind.” He handed me an envelope. It said “Letter of Resignation” in big letters on the outside.

He was obviously not in the mood to listen today, so I took it but said: “Let’s talk about it on Monday.”