foxy standing

Sure enough… my unrelated image was a talking point last night. It sounded like there is heaps of stuff going on in the Dede world that I could report on. No need to digress. While they were away in the burrow they didn’t mind me keeping everything going by publishing other images. After all, they had deserted me. But now they are back and they want me to pay full attention to them.

“What are you thinking?” Devil asked me, hands on hips. “Can you tell me the name of the blog again? Or shall I spell it out to you?”

“Come on” Foxy Lady interrupted him. “It was interesting to hear about some history. After all, this is where we come from, isn’t it?” A murmur went through the room. Everybody was surprised she stood up to Devil. He calls himself the spokesperson for the Dedes, but it slowly dawned on me that he is just more vocal about his wishes and opinions than the others. He doesn’t necessarily represent everybody else’s view. Obviously Foxy Lady had finally had enough of his bullying tactics.

“Okay, then…” Devil said self-confidently. “Lets have a show of hands: who thinks it was out of line?”

“No, no. no!” Foxy Lady said before anybody could raise their hands. No one was in a hurry anyway. “You can’t ask for a show of hands! Not when you are in the room. It has to be a secret ballot.”

It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. Only Devil was breathing fast and shallow and his face turned a smidgen redder. Foxy Lady outwardly looked very relaxed. Only the pitch of her voice gave away that she was well out of her comfort zone.  Good old Mouse came to the rescue by asking innocently: “Do we still have the old box with the slit in the top? Has anybody seen it since the move? And we need some paper.” She looked at me for help.

“I don’t know where the box is, but I can make a new one” I said and got up. “Maybe our readers have an opinion about this as well!”