Sadly, all good things have to come to an end at some stage. And so Miss Viwi has posted her last article about the Dedes yesterday. Everybody was a bit sad. After all, they had enjoyed the attention tremendeously. Witch was so kind to translate the last part.

Two women, two continents, two blogs, twelve hours time difference and around 40 dede puppets –  One common project. Exciting weeks in |:::VEGGIETORIA:::| and likewise in the Dede World.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Dietlind Wagner for the wonderful collaboration, the book, the interview and the visits to  |:::VEGGIETORIA:::|. Thankyou to L’Artiste for the visit and the interview, Mouse and German Girl for the translations, and Foreign Correspondent for the summary of the Dede stories on the German blog.

Thanks also to the other Dedes who are reading my blog and their great understanding.

A big thankyou goes to all the readers for their attention, the clicking of the Like button and for the lovely comments they left.

witch cooking

Witch cooking.

I had one last question: How do you like it at |:::VEGGIETORIA:::|? and L’Artiste answered: “I love how miss viwi conveys her point of view convincingly and that she reminds us of what’s wrong with the world we live in.”
Dietlind Wagner agreed with what L’Artiste said and added: ”It is a lovely blog to rummage in when you are interested in nutrition and animal rights.
At this point Witch piped up: “I totally agree with miss viwi, one can live happily and healthyly without meat”.

Unfortunately many of the Dede puppets are directly or indirectly affected by exploitation through humans.
For product testing, animals like Mouse, Cat, Monkey, Harvey and Lou are favoured, while Pig, Ducky and Cash Cow find themselves on the daily menu of many people.
Foxy Lady’s fellows are painfully killed to be applied to jackets, caps, scarfs and other items.
Even if these words will cause the Dede’s to have nightmares, it is the reality. Only us humans, consumers, producers can make the change!

The exploitation/torture/killing/eating/wearing etc of animals has nothing to do with pleasure/fashion/science. It is based on ignorance –  wilful or negligent and/or greed.

“Who understands and does not act has not understood.” Laotse

I send my love to New Zealand!!! Thanks!!!

There was silence for a while, not even Smuggy, usually the first one to make a comment, dared to say anything.

“I felt like crying throughout the entire article” Mouse said finally. “First for all the heartfelt thankyous –That was so lovely! But then tears of powerlessness welled up. I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly will have nightmares for a while.”

I told them we should leave it at this and let the readers think about it. I just wanted to add a big Thankyou to Miss Viwi as well. It was a great project and I wish her the very best for all her future projects! The Dedes all nodded, but didn’t cheer as loudly as they usually do. They still had pictures of their tortured mates in their minds.