harvey smuggy

Remember the gambling rabbit, Harvey, who cheated his way into the Super Dede competition before Christmas? He made himself scarce after he realised he offended a few too many Dedes, in particular the female ones.  The ladies were really upset about his behaviour. One of them, I think it was Foxy Lady, said they should have left him in the 1970’s, the way he talks! She certainly wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole.

Now he is back!

And by Dede he has changed! He has got quieter. Gone is the hyper-activity and loudness. The Dedes were stunned and wanted to know where he was and how he’d fared. He told them he had dug himself a burrow on the hilltop and watched the sun rise and set each day. He knows now the way he treated women was totally wrong. If he had continued like that a serious relationship would remain a pipe dream. And he can reveal it now, this was his New Year’s resolution… he desperately wanted to find a partner.

One day, when he was down, he poured his heart out to Philosopher. No woman, at least none of the marrying kind, wanted to stick with him. Philosopher suggested he should go into recluse for a while and ponder about the importance of life. Because if he wanted something so badly, but couldn’t get it, his approach must be wrong.

“And?” Mouse, the little gossip asked outright, “how is the love-life then?”

“Great!” Harvey rejoiced. “I found my princess!”

“Who is it?” “Do we know her?” “What does she do?” Everybody wanted to know more.

“No, you don’t know her, she just moved here. Her name is Pavlova…”

“Oh, don’t tell me!” Smuggy said deprecatingly. “She is not one of those, is she?”

“What do you mean?” Harvey walked up close to him and looked him in the eye “I recommend you too should sit on a mountain top for a while. It would do you a world of good. Honestly, you don’t even know her. Only because she has a foreign name doesn’t mean she is one of … as you call it… those! I forbid you to talk about my fiancee like this!”

There was a noticeable silence. Mouse and Foxy Lady looked at each other –  this was indeed a novelty… Harvey defending the reputation of a girl. They knew there and then, that she really must be someone very special.