harvey and pavlova

Of course the Dedes are watching Harvey’s every move as they are so curious about his fiancee Pavlova. (They have already agreed it is a very unfortunate name). Last night, they finally got the long-awaited first glimpse of her when the two love-birds had a clandestine meeting in the back garden, where they spoke under their breath.

Gee, she certainly isn’t a stunner with her extremely long teeth and the huge gap between them. Harvey doesn’t seem to mind a bit. He looked at her so tenderly but he might be wearing rose-tinted glasses. From where the Dedes were standing they didn’t look like a close couple. In fact it appeared rather one sided and they gave the impression they had some sort of problem.

After overhearing the prying crowd’s conversation I would advise Harvey to introduce Pavlova as soon as possible to the rest of the Dedes before gossip becomes rife. Unfortunately it can happen… a new puppet appears on the scene and the first remarks by the close-knit group of Dedes are nothing but scathing. They jump on every exposed weakness. I had to tell them not to be mean. Poor Pavlova. She might have a rocky road ahead of her!