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Since Professor  revealed one of Pig’s secrets yesterday, I thought I’d grab my chance and dig out this old photo I found in the shed and ask him about it too. I had already published this photo  in ‘Hermit’s Web’, but still don’t know what the story behind it is. It is such a mystery to me, as Witch and Pig barely talk to each other.  Looking at the photo they must have been good friends at one stage. Neither Pig nor Witch will tell me what happened and it irks me tremendously that I don’t know what the story is.

It wasn’t one of my better ideas. Professor looked at me as if he wanted to kill me and said: “Please!…” and left me standing there. Devil who was with us at the time shook his head and said: “You really have a way of putting your foot in it, don’t you!” and wandered off as well.

It seems everybody knows but me. Don’t tell me you all know as well! Do you have any ideas? Please, please tell me!