prof helping pig-2

Okay, the Dedes have decided their New Year’s resolutions will be published on the 31st of January, because everybody will have forgotten by then and it will be a good reminder. We can see who lasted and who didn’t.

Personally, I put my bet on Pig giving up first. It wouldn’t really count, as he was forced to sign the resolution by Witch. It is not really his own wish to stop drinking. To our big surprise, he hasn’t touched a drop since New Year’s Eve, mainly because the slept most of the time, but it also might have something to do with a comment Smuggy (as Smug Little Devil is now called for short) dropped in passing. He remarked he’d heard beer fed pork was especially tasty.  Professor got really angry and told Smuggy to piss off. Harsh words, we usually don’t hear them from the old fellow.

When Smuggy finally went, Professor told us that it is not entirely Pig’s fault he is drinking so much. The farmer who raised his mother believed in giving his sows beer in time of farrowing. It is supposed to help reduce aggression and aid the sow to accept her off-springs. It didn’t do much good in Pigs case. The old sow still didn’t care about her piglets, but at least she wasn’t aggressive towards them. She was just out of it.

We didn’t know what to say, and felt terribly embarrassed about making fun in the past.