philosopher hugs capricorn

On Wednesday mornings Philosopher and I go for a walk. We have done this since we first met. Philosopher lives in a derelict boat at the bottom of my garden and like clockwork he comes up to the house on Wednesdays and picks me up for a stroll around the sports ground. We usually discuss what has happened during the last week. But of course yesterday there wasn’t much to talk about, as all the Dedes have been pretty much together 24/7 since I came back from my Christmas holidays a week ago.

He was at the brunch the day before and I know he would make the New Year’s resolutions public, as he thinks publicizing them would put more pressure on the Dedes to deliver. But in the meantime, I have spoken to some of the other Dedes who were asleep that day and they aren’t too keen to have their intentions made public. Basically, they don’t want to lose face if they can’t stick to it.

So I had to find another subject to talk about and I mentioned to Philosopher that Jürgen and Buchalov commented in their birthday wishes that the Dedes would be Capricorn as their birthday is on the 30th of December. “Hmm”, Philosopher said, “that is quite interesting.”

“Why?” I wanted to know, I am not very familiar with astrology.

He explained to me that in German the star sign of Capricorn is an ibex, a mountain goat. But the constellation of the stars in the sky is a combination of a mountain goat and a fish. That means a Capricorn wants to climb to the highest heights but at the same time wants to explore the deepest depths. Their mottoes are ‘good things take time’ and ‘success is to 10 percent talent and 90% hard work’. They are not particularly creative and have the tendency to be dogmatic. But they certainly want to be successful and noticed.

In my inner eye I compared the Dedes that were born in December with what I’ve heard. Philosopher, yes, he certainly explores the depth of things. We all know Mouse is a hard worker but not creative, and Devil is certainly dogmatic.

The more Philosopher told me about the star sign, the more I started to believe that there is something in it.

In the end he asked me: “So what’s your star sign then?”

“Libra” I said. Philosopher stopped in his tracks and said: “Now that is a match made in heaven. Opposites attract, don’t they?”

“So what’s Libra like then?” I was really curious now.

He told me they are supposed to be very creative and open-minded with a very strong sense of fairness. Libras avoid taking sides – to the point that they annoy everybody with their ambivalence –  and aim to be well balanced.

And then he went on that in a partnership between Libra and Capricorn there is a lot of tension, but it can be very successful if they work out their differences.

I liked what I heard and thought I really have to read up more on this.