devil telling me off

As ArtistatExit0 commented yesterday, Pig and Witch might not tell me their story because they still have mutual respect for each other. So I decided to let the sleeping dogs lie – for now at least. I know myself, sometime in the future, when I tidy up, I will come across this picture again and my curiosity will get the better of me once more. One day I will find out….

Anyway, I was just sitting here writing my blog, when Mouse came running through the door.  At 8:15 in the morning! I was more than surprised… I know very well that Mouse (our little gossip) has a very busy schedule on Sundays. It is a set routine for her. Every Sunday the same… She starts her day with an early morning breakfast with Devil, then goes on to have a mid-morning snack with Pirate, lunch with whoever has a story to tell. Then she moves on to have coffee and cake with Deutsch Fraulein (German girl) and dinner at Witch‘s place in the company of Cat. She finishes her day with a night cap at Professor and Pig‘s place if there is no party to go to. You will certainly agree that is a lot to get through in one day.

Today she must have had a very short breakfast with Devil. I was just about to ask her what happened when I realised she was fuming. “So when were you going to tell us?” she squeaked at me.

“What?” I said, totally unaware about what I had done now.

“You traitor, you went to ||:::VEGGIETORIA:::|| all by yourself and none of us knew.” I noticed Devil appeared in the door now as well. Mouse had run so fast that she left him in the dust.

“This is not quite correct!” I replied: “L’Artiste was with me.”

L’artiste doesn’t know anything about public relations, you should have consulted with the rest of us.” Mouse made such a roar that more and more Dedes woke up and made their way to the kitchen, where I was sitting writing my blog.

“What’s going on?” asked Ducky, the politician. “Tell them,” Mouse said, hands on hips.

So I told them the story.

Before Christmas, Miss Viwi, an Austrian blogger invited L’Artiste  and myself to visit her site ||:::VEGGIETORIA:::|| for an interview. Miss Viwi is concerned about contemporary nutrition and animal welfare and is also very interested in art.  She has fallen in love with the Dedes and wanted to profile them on her blog for German speakers. The series about the Dede puppets will start today with the first installment.

“It didn’t occur to you to talk to us about what to say in the interview?” Devil asked.

“Honestly, they were mostly art questions. After the incident with Buchalov, I thought you guys were not particularly interested in art. And anyway, I think L’Artiste and I did a reasonably good job” I defended myself.

“Give us an example” Mouse demanded.

“Ah, there were so many questions… Let me think, one was how I had….”

“Admit it, it wasn’t really about us, it was about you!” Devil said. “Didn’t you say in your New Year’s resolution that this year it will be all about the Dedes and not about you…. Here we go, we are not even one week into the New Year and you failed…”

“Give it a break, Devil!” I got a bit angry now “Just wait until the first post is published and read it yourself!” I told them the first post will be published in Austria in the morning, which would be night time for us.

I had to get out of here and left them sitting in the kitchen while I went for a run. This is the reason why my post was a little bit late today.