brunch discussion

The first day of the year was all quiet. Most of the Dedes went back into their box and had a good rest. The more sensible ones – the ones that didn’t overdo it the night before – had an extended brunch on the deck in the sun. It was an amazing hot day, one of those where you think the world is standing still under a vivid blue sky. All you can hear are the cicadas in the bushes.

None of the puppets felt like talking much, but finally Witch asked me: “So what are your resolutions for the New Year?” …And I had thought I got off lightly by only having to make sure they kept theirs.

“In what respect? For myself or for you guys?”

“Is there a world outside the Dede world?” Witch asked. I had to laugh out loud. “Of course there is!” Immediately I thought up my first personal resolution for this year: ‘Make sure real-life  friends don’t think I am going totally gaga over the Dedes’. I don’t want them to call the men in white coats and have me committed!

“We are not really interested in your other life” Devil added, “so what are your  resolutions in respect to us and the blog?”

“Ah well” I said to buy some time. I hadn’t really thought about it. I am not big on making plans. “I promise I won’t put any of my other stuff up this year. I  know you guys didn’t like it last year when I put some of my photographs up. The blog will be entirely Dede.”

“Now that is a big ask! It would be nice if you’d finally learned it is not all about you!” Devil said. “I will remind you in due time… ”

“We could make a competition out of this” Foxy Lady suggested. “The one that can keep to their resolution the longest will be ‘Resolution Champion’.”

“But New Year’s resolutions are private affairs, aren’t they? Nobody is supposed to know!” I interjected.

“Don’t be daft” Devil said “No, you have commit publicly, otherwise it is pointless. Isn’t it?”

“But I know what everybody said. I am the keeper. I will let you know when someone falls off the waggon!”

“No, no… All the resolutions should be public!” Everybody who was at the brunch agreed. Now, this was a total misunderstanding on my side obviously. I had read the resolutions and stored them away safely in a nice box.

What do you think? Would you tell other people what your resolutions are? Shall I make all the Dedes’ resolutions public?