prof and pig drunk

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you are in better shape than Professor and Pig today :). These two guys didn’t even make it to the count down at midnight. They were out of it well before then and slept right through all the hoohaa of welcoming in the New Year. Okay, it is not too difficult to miss the arrival of the New Year in New Zealand. It is not like in the colder parts of the world, with big fireworks everywhere. We have fireworks at Guy Fawkes, but now it is summer and the high season for bush fires, so open fires would be a real hazard. We also live in a very quiet neighbourhood, which is even quieter now as all the neighbours are on their big vacation at the moment.

So what else can you do, but drink?

I left shortly after midnight to skype to the other side of the world. I think it is funny to talk from the future. After all, we were already in 2013, while in Germany they still had to see out stuffy old 2012. When I came back Professor and Pig hadn’t moved an inch. They were still lying in the same position on the sofa, Pig hugging a last bottle of beer. Some of the other Dedes were discussing a silly note  to write and photograph together with the pair, but they couldn’t come up with anything. Two days of partying certainly had taken it’s toll on everybody. The wit had gone, off on holiday with the neighbour’s kids.

Witch, a teetotaler and a health freak, had the idea to write down a New Year’s resolution of ‘Drink less’, then she went up to Professor and nudged him until he groaned: “Hey Professor, are you okay with this resolution? ‘Drink less’.”

“Certainly” he mumbled.

“Then sign!” She pressed a pen into his hand and held the paper under the tip. Professor managed to scribble a P. She then went on to wake up Pig who dutifully placed his X next to Professor’s signature.

Someone suggested we all come up with New Year’s resolutions and thought I should judge whether they manage to keep to their resolutions or not. I was surprised how many thought it was a good idea. Not all of of them agreed of course, but most of them wrote down what they wanted to do for this year and gave me their folded up pieces of paper to keep safe.

I will remind them in due time!