Okay, I’ve got the list of candidates for the big ‘Super Dede’ competition. I was asked to take a group photo. But I’ll tell you what, this was more difficult than herding a flock of flees! Some of the Dedes were so hyped up that it was virtually impossible to get a good one. And of course afterwards everybody wanted to see the result and they couldn’t agree on which one was the best. Predictability they all looked at themselves, not the overall impression of the group.  Ah well, I am doing all this on a voluntary basis and I have to have it done before I go to work… So they’ll have to live with what I’ve put up now!

Just a quick reminder of who’s who. In the back row you see from left to right: Cash Cow, Monkey, Harvey, L’Artiste Dede and Foxy Lady. In the front row: Snippedy the clown, Socialite, Mouse, Pig (lying down) and Scardy Pants. Don’t ask me how the last one got on the list. I reserve judgement about the selection. I have no idea how and why they became candidates.

We now have to find five finalists that will compete for the ‘Super Dede 2012’ title.

Mouse set up a Polldaddy form (below) to get feed back from our readers. The five highest ranking puppets will become the finalists. I am a bit skeptical that it works, I am not into all this stuff, but I will keep my promise and hold back. Mouse explained that the readers can vote for as many puppets as they like and their vote is anonymous. Right… but I had to laugh when she said the free version of Polldaddy only allows 200 responses. What is she expecting? Furthermore, Mouse said all those who don’t want to fill out a poll (and she winked at me) can instead put forward any Dede (look them up on the Character page) by just typing the name into a comment. Mouse will keep track of the manual votes and will tally it all up in the end… I had to remind her she shouldn’t expect too much. I know how easily Mouse is hurt when she puts so much effort into something and it doesn’t work out.

Devil and Detail, the organisers, requested the poll should close this Saturday. This will give them enough time to finalise the format. The preliminary format is as follows:

1. The candidates have to introduce themselves

2. They have to answer 3 questions

3. They have to perform (anything of their choice)

Happy voting!