The Dedes are keen to go ahead with some sort of competition and have  been busy yesterday trying to nut out a format. Devil and Detail have just been to see me. They are very excited while I am still half asleep this morning. So I just let them tell me what they have come up with.

They spent all afternoon and the evening consulting everyone about what the competition should be and in the end they discarded the original idea of a ‘Ms Dede’ in favour for a ‘Super Dede’ competition, so not to discriminate against the men who want to take part. First on the agenda is to find their candidates. And here they realised that not everybody is equally keen. When the idea first was aired it sounded as if they were all in. This was a total misconception of course, because the noise level went up with all the cheering and clapping and the ones that quietly shook their heads in disbelief couldn’t be heard.

So today Devil and Detail will be canvassing for candidates. There are some that have already agreed to be candidates, like Cash Cow, who is so broke she could do with the prize money… She doesn’t know yet that there is no prize money. Monkey on the other hand is a comedian and he sees it as his chance to pull in a big crowd and get his break.

Then there are others who don’t want to put themselves out there, but would like to watch the other Dedes making fools of themselves, like Smug Little Devil. He is such an armchair critic. He watches and comments on what they should have done differently. Of course he would do it much better.

Then there is a big crowd that isn’t interested, but thinks if the others believe it is fun they should go ahead – without them. But there are also a few who would like to spoil it for everybody else because it is so brainless, or the ones who would like to take part but are not confident enough. I don’t envy Devil and Detail finding their candidates.

They asked me how many candidates would be an appropriate number and I suggested they should audition 10 and narrow it down to 5 candidates.

We then agreed the Dedes will canvas who wants to take part and then make a preliminary decision. They will put forward ten candidates with a photograph, from which everybody is invited to select their favourites.

What the candidates will actually have to do, Devil and Detail haven’t revealed yet. But they promised, cross my heart, it won’t be singing. We all know the Dedes are crap at that!