I found Mouse crying in the kitchen last night. The floor was littered with used hankies. My first thought was: Oh dear, the poll isn’t going so well. Of course I had to ask her what the matter was.

“No, that’s not it, the poll’s going well” she sobbed. “We already have a distinct pattern.” She showed me the results of the first day.  Cash Cow has taken the lead, but it is still early days. Mouse‘s idea is to add the poll to every post this week, to make it easier for readers to vote.

Mouse continued: “I really appreciate the effort of our readers. Dianne for example, you know, Dianne Gray, the writer from Australia, it was her birthday and she just quit her day job and moved to the country side. She really has her hands full, but she still voted. Isn’t that great!”

“This is just wonderful, Mouse” I confirmed and gave her a hi-five “What a good job you did with setting up the poll!” Unexpectedly my words set her off again.  Looking at the results bamboozled me even more: At this stage Mouse ranks fifth together with Monkey, well ahead of Harvey or Snippedy. These two didn’t get any votes at all. How disheartening this must be. No vote from anybody.

“I honestly don’t get it” I said to her “you should be over the moon!”

She blew her nose and said as clearly as she could manage: “I overheard Smug Little Devil saying we are a bunch of amateurs”

I rolled my eyes “Don’t listen to him!” I advised, “He is just like that. He doesn’t mean it. ”

“Unfortunately he has a point” she started sniffling again “he said I shouldn’t be a candidate and in charge of the poll at the same time…. He said that is so, so, so.. bana….. ”  I couldn’t understand the rest of what she was saying. Her words merged seamlessly into a spasmodic sob attack.


I cuddled her and said she should go to bed, we would deal with it later. For now I will put the poll up as is. We have to find out who deals with these issues. There might not even be an official complaint yet.

In case you haven’t voted yet… Here are the candidates for the ‘Super Dede 2012’ competition again. If you would like to see the result, click on the ‘View Result’ text link below the ‘Vote’ button.

A very biiiiiiiiiig thanks to everybody who has voted already…. It really is anonymous.