It isn’t my week! I really need a break, to go away for the weekend and leave this lot behind. We just had our little tiff at Halloween when they took the mickey out of me, and now, only two days later, I have another riot on my hands. I wish they wouldn’t always jump in, boots and all, before they know the entire story.

I went to a Gallery yesterday to sound out the possibility for an exhibition of the Dede puppets. Procrastinator, even though I haven’t started him yet, has held me back for a long time. But finally, finally, finally, I went. It was all very positive. Usually I would mull it around in my head for a while and quietly discuss how to proceed with my partner. But as it happened I skyped with my brother in Germany last night. Unfortunately, when I skype I shout as if I have to be heard on the other side of the world without the aid of technology. So all the Dedes overheard the conversation and they took issue with what was said.

I told my brother that the curator suggested it would be better if I sold the puppets. All of a sudden I heard this kerfuffle in the living room and through the glass door I could see all the Dedes huddled together for a group hug and then they scurried off towards the studio. I continued my conversation telling my brother that I am not ready yet to part with them and certainly not with the original cast. However, I might, and only might, think about creating some new characters to sell at the exhibition. But of course by that time my Dedes were already up in arms and painting placards.

They slipped this picture I posted here under my bedroom door and I haven’t seen any of them this morning.