The voting for the head of the investigation into the cancelled email has closed now. There is a big surprise! We got another vote last night from far-away India and after counting all the votes, there is a tie…. Two of the candidates, Bobby and Clay Head have exactly the same amount….

This is unprecedented – there is no rule about this situation in the Dede Puppet Voting Handbook. So what to do? My first idea of course was that I should have the casting vote. But on second thought, this is not the best idea. The Dedes resent me already for making up all the rules. If I had the casting vote, the whole election would be rendered a mockery, wouldn’t it? I could have put forward my candidate in the first place and not gone through the whole  election process.

In the end I discussed the issue with Philosopher, who has a really good head on his shoulders. I was hoping he would go for Clay Head, after all he had put him forward.

Far from it!

“There is no doubt,” Philosopher said, “Clay Head, as an outsider will do a great job.” But he also agrees with the reader Whichwillitbe, who voted for Bobby: The young ones should be given a fair chance. How can they gain experience when the old farts always get the best jobs? So his suggestion is that both of them will head the investigation together. This will take the pressure off Bobby as it is his first job outside the Academy and he can learn a lot from Clay Head‘s expertise. Clay Head will get some recognition and a foot hold back into the Dede world (We all have the feeling, he regrets converting into a clay head.)

By the way, Bobby will get his colours this afternoon.