Wednesday night is sports night, so I left the Dedes to their own devices. When I came home, they were lying on the sofa with stuffed tummies. Obviously they had been out collecting lollies, despite my explicit veto. I have to say, I didn’t feel sorry for them. Sunny’s permanent grin was gone, he looked like he was close to throwing up.  He didn’t in the end, but I hope it taught him a lesson. I am soooo happy that Halloween is only once a year.

Back to normal… We still have a vote going on, to decide who will get the job of heading the investigation into the cancellation email. It is a very close race… Bobby (the newcomer) is at the moment one vote ahead of Ducky (the dye in the wool politician) and Clay Head (the external consultant). ––  I love statistics :)

Unfortunately, like any other election, participation is pretty poor and to be honest we have only had one vote so far. My official statement of course is: “We are not releasing the figures”. If we don’t get any more votes by Friday (New Zealand time) when voting closes, it will be Bobby, who will head the investigation.