Skeleton visited me again to give me this photograph of Lou as proof that he is very scary. She said, she came home from grocery shopping for Monster. (She herself doesn’t eat for obvious reasons. I learned this the hard way… First time I invited her and Monster for ice cream…. I really don’t want to talk about it!)

So, she came home from shopping. Full bags in one hand, mobile phone in the other, just finishing a conversation with her mum. She opened the door and out of the darkness jumps Lou. She dropped everything, but with incredible presence of mind took this photograph with the mobile on hand. She says it happened all in a flash… Lou got terribly excited, jumping up and down. All she could do is run for her life, leaving the bags behind and all. He was chasing her up the stairs, yelping hot on her heels. Thankfully she made it under the bed in one piece. He can’t go there, it’s too low for him, but he was panting outside for a very long time.

I look at the photograph and all I can say: I can imagine it must have been a very frightening experience for her, but I don’t want to take sides… I love them all. I guess I will have to talk to Lou.