Last night Monster and Skeleton Edeltraut popped up from the flat under the bed. They are an item since the not so amicable break-up of Monster and Deutsch Fraulein. Skeleton Edeltraut spends more time under the bed now than in the closet with the rest of her family.

Mostly they keep to themselves, but last night Monster was all chevalier and raised their concerns about my decision to take in puppy Lou. Monster says Skeleton Edeltraut fears for her safety with Lou romping around the house all day and half the night and sniffing around everywhere. Skeleton didn’t say much, just nodded every so often to support what had been said.

I see their point and I promised to talk to Lou as soon as possible. However, when they left, Monster turned around one more time and said:  “You know if you are not handling this well, it will become very unpleasant. Wait until Edletraut rustles up all her family!”

That was a threat in my opinion and he should not have said that. It would have been all good, if he had kept this to himself.