So I spoke to Witch. She is a real classical one: old and ugly. Not one of those modern witches, who try to bewitch you with their good looks, but lack the necessary experience to keep you under their spell. This ability only comes with age.

Witch is not surprised about Lou at all. She says she can understand that Lou is attracted to Skeleton Edeltraut (in his dreams). Which teenage puppy wouldn’t love to indulge in a heap of bones. But of course he has difficulties confiding in me as he regards me as a parent.

Since Edeltraut is one of my skeletons, she must be at least 100 years his senior. So there is a huge age gap. Witch and I both believe he is mistaken when he thinks what he feels is true love. He has a simple crush, but for all the wrong reasons.

Witch mixed a potion  which she said would fix Lou’s problem. I had to use a trick to get Lou to take it. I packaged it up in a nice colourful container and told him it was a new energy drink I got especially for him at the supermarket. But he took one sip only and spat it out. Then slurped down a can of his own favorite drink. I believe the potion was quite bitter. Needless to say the attempt was a total disaster. And now he won’t speak to me for an entire week.