Friday is always a busy day at work. So I didn’t have much time this morning, when I put Lou’s breakfast out. I was already running late and was just finishing  wiping down the bench when he came skipping into the kitchen.

When I saw him I just blurted out: “We have to talk… tonight.” Admittedly it sounded a bit too demanding but it certainly had the right effect. He stopped in his tracks and looked at me inquiringly as if he had no clue what I wanted. I hate it when people hint at a problem and then don’t spit out what it is. In a mellower voice I said: “Scaring people is not on”. His head went down and he covered his eyes with his paws. He knows very well he was naughty. It was difficult not to laugh, but I know he knows and plays it well…. He knows he is very cute and gets away with much more than the average puppet.