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Our friend wizened_gnome sent us a quote by Oscar Wilde yesterday. “Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live….Selfishness always aims at creating around it an absolute uniformity of type. Unselfishness recognizes infinite variety of type as a delightful thing, accepts it, acquiesces in it, enjoys it. It is not selfish to think for oneself.”

Cat licked that one up like a bowl of milk. “Ha!” she said, “I love this quote. It proves, it’s not us cats who are the selfish ones. We don’t give a toss what others do. The baddies are always the dogs!”

Oh dear, it didn’t take long and we received a complaint.  Cat has totally misinterpreted this quote, I was told, moreover, she is an arrogant piece of work. Mhm. I guess, as quotes are always cited out of context, they are open to misinterpretation too.


Mouse is wondering what happened to the happy-go-lucky Dedes?

“I don’t like where we are heading,” she mumbled and looked in the box of half-finished heads. “I have to tell the artist we need some amicable Dedes.”


Devil was so surprised about Top Dog’s offer, he couldn’t get over it. “I can tell you what the problem is, my dear” said Pinkpok. “Everyone is the centre of their own world and therefore, how they act is normal by their standards. Of course, as everyone is normal, all the others are expected to act in exactly the same way as oneself.”

This threw the cat among the pigeons. No-one could really make sense of what the owl meant. One reader even said “I conclude I’m a descendent of the Dedes – brain totally mushed and have resorted to the gin bottle 🙃”

Oh dear, we see the headlines: puppets drive readers to bottle.

A so wild discussion ensued.


“I don’t get what Pinkpok is trying to tell us,” said Calamity to Pavlova, the lab rat.

“It’s simple,” explained Pavlova, who always has to try new things in her job. “We believe what we do and think is normal. If we come across someone who has a different world view, we tend to believe we are right and they are wrong. It is easier than engaging with the otherness.”

“Do I have to understand that?” asked Calamity. Ah well, some Dedes never get it!


Yesterday was Truth Tuesday again and Mouse started packing her bags.  Truth is, the Dedes are on the move. They will be moving from the big smoke to the countryside. This is a major undertaking. The Dedes came into existence because of changes to the current abode and now they are partially responsible for leaving it behind. It is simply because I want to have a bigger studio space. More space for more puppets and more puppet making workshops. So please, if their reporting gets a bit erratic over the next two months be lenient and don’t give up on them.


Today Top Dog snaked up to Devil. It looks like his popularity is waning and he tries to drum up more followers. He said: “I could do very well with a devil like you on my team!” But Devil doesn’t want to have a bar of it  “No way” was the short and definitive reply.

“Not even if I gave you my soul?” Top Dog believes that this is an offer no real devil can refuse. “What soul? You don’t have a soul!”


Devil was deeply insulted by Top Dog’s offer. “What does he think? Does he really believe I am as mean-spirited as him?” he asked Pinkpok, the wise owl.

“Of course no-one thinks of themselves as being nasty, not even Top Dog, ” the owl replied “I know, you are well-meaning, but you often tick the Dedes off because you blatantly call a spade a spade. Sometimes it would help to present the spade nicely wrapped.”


Now that Pinkpok is already old news, the Dedes continue with their inspirational quotes. Calamity showed the one she tries hard to live by. But she is adamant in her picture the shadows definitely outweigh the highlights. According to her, she can’t do anything about it no matter how hard she tries.


“Who cares about inspirational quotes anyway” said Munch to Kin, “all I care for is junk food.” These two special characters came out of the closet for the weekend. I made them a while back to promote my friend’s book about good nutrition. And this Sunday they will have an exciting outing. They will attend Storylines Auckland Familydays, where we will be making puppets from junk.


Mouse loved the inspirational quote our blogger friend Tony from xraypics sent. She thought of Top Dog and relaxed a little. If this is true, there is no way he will ever come to power.

“But what if,” asked Boy depressed, “you are the fig tree and the world wants nothing but peaches?”

Mouse didn’t know what to say, she is not one to think on her feet. When no response was forthcoming Boy mumbled “I might as well give up now!”


Devil quickly pulled out another quote, sent in by blogger Jessie from A world namedBoy looked more content and agreeable. Even though both quotes say basically the same: There is no need for him of trying. But then his mum called out from the laundry, obviously battling with his smelly socks “It’s not so easy sometimes.” Ah well, unconditional love!




Esta Blished said they should talk to the followers of Top Dog. Luckily Alien is a friendly chap and curious by nature, so he went straight to work and made a list of Dedes he has to talk to. First up was Mr Vague. He looks a little bit like a bear and Alien thought he might find some more clues from him. He ask outright, “why are you following Top Dog?”

Mr Vague hung his head and admitted “I find life very confusing and I am intimidated by all this information that is thrown at me. I have to make decisions here, there and everywhere, when all I want is to be left in peace. It is simply too much. Someone who knows better has to tell me what’s good or bad.”

Alien just listened and took notes, but reserved judgement.

The next one on the list was Bossman. But gee did he get a different reception here.


Bossman is struggling to keep his business afloat.

“Expletive, I expletive don’t expletive talk expletive to expletive aliens” he screamed. Alien didn’t understand what he said as there were too many filler words, but he got the message. He turned round quickly, and with a big smile and shaking knees he said: “you don’t expect me to take you seriously, do you?”



The Dedes are at the end of their tether and have no idea what to do next. It finally dawn on them that they can’t change Top Dog but the freedom they are accustomed to, is seriously jeopardised. Now all eyes and hopes are on the magical worker Esta Blished.  In her younger days the fairy godmother was very active in politics. She relentlessly fought for liberal values and equality. With age, unfortunately, Alzheimer’s was creeping up on her. At first no-one seemed to notice. Her friends simply thought she was a little tired after all these years of hard work. And now it is too late – Esta is away with the fairies most of the time. No-one knows how to use her magic wand to continue her excellent work.

The Dedes decided to have someone with Esta Blished at all times. In the hope, she will have a lucid moment before everything goes to the to the dogs.


Sure enough, with all faith suddenly pinned on her, Esta Blished felt obliged to say something. Alien was with her at the time. He recorded everything verbatim, but thought it was more of an oracle than a lesson in magic. Here is what she said: “Listen to the ones who follow Top Dog. Not to gain power over them, but with true empathy. Should the dog meet the bear we will have the biggest schoolyard fight ever!”

Actually she did say the biggest school yard massacre, but Alien thought that was to harsh and edited it out.



“The narcissist is not going to change. Unfortunately @francisvalela is right there,” said Devil’s Advocate to Bad Conscience.  “To be honest, from Top Dog’s point of view there is no problem. With his promises he is the successful saviour of the world. We have to face it, it is us who have the problem! Those who believe him, certainly don’t want to hear from us they are mislead. No-one wants to be told they are wrong! What are we going to do?”



The Dedes started a new feature called Truth Tuesday. And today is the first one. They had the idea, as they occasionally get questions that are not related to the storyline. If we get questions, they will be answered on Tuesdays from now on. We are quite happy to do a shoutout for the person who asks. If you don’t want to be mentioned, please note this in your comment. Of course the questions should be in the Dede spirit and we reserve the right not to answer. With that sorted, we actually got a question last Sunday. A follower from Turkey asked “How many persons are you?”
Well, I am one person and there are sixty-five Dedes at the last count. As far as I am aware, I am reasonably sane and do not have multiple personalities. 😉


Meanwhile, Norman T Newbie isn’t particularly interested in what the readers ask, he wanted to know,  why is everyone so upset about Top Dog. He seriously believes that it would be fantastic, if he came into power and explained:  “For us it would definitely mean a brighter future. Usually puppets have a resurgence, when freedom of speech is curtailed!”

Scardy Pants who was within earshot said “I’d rather not test that one out.”


Even though you could not tell from her reaction, Cash Cow was deeply offended by L’Artiste. She went straight to see Devil’s Advocate to complain about the artist and figure out if she could sue him.

“I fear for my life,” she said, “how can I stop him? Or at least get some money off him?”

Devil’s Advocate, being who he is, did not entirely agree with her and defended L’Artiste in absentia. “He is an artist and of course he meant what he said symbolically! He just wanted to shock to get noticed. Suing him is futile, he doesn’t have a penny.”

Cash Cow had the feeling her concerns were not taken seriously.


“Ah well” she said throwing her arms in the air, “I have rights too. I will go and see if Top Dog can help!”

Devil’s Advocate was aghast. “Now we drove her into the arms of this evil puppet!” He was at a total loss how the relationship between two loveable Dedes could deteriorate so quickly. He understands both, but what can he do?