The Dedes are at the end of their tether and have no idea what to do next. It finally dawn on them that they can’t change Top Dog but the freedom they are accustomed to, is seriously jeopardised. Now all eyes and hopes are on the magical worker Esta Blished.  In her younger days the fairy godmother was very active in politics. She relentlessly fought for liberal values and equality. With age, unfortunately, Alzheimer’s was creeping up on her. At first no-one seemed to notice. Her friends simply thought she was a little tired after all these years of hard work. And now it is too late – Esta is away with the fairies most of the time. No-one knows how to use her magic wand to continue her excellent work.

The Dedes decided to have someone with Esta Blished at all times. In the hope, she will have a lucid moment before everything goes to the to the dogs.


Sure enough, with all faith suddenly pinned on her, Esta Blished felt obliged to say something. Alien was with her at the time. He recorded everything verbatim, but thought it was more of an oracle than a lesson in magic. Here is what she said: “Listen to the ones who follow Top Dog. Not to gain power over them, but with true empathy. Should the dog meet the bear we will have the biggest schoolyard fight ever!”

Actually she did say the biggest school yard massacre, but Alien thought that was to harsh and edited it out.